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  • Maybe I am just missing this, but is it possible to set the ‘from’ or ‘reply to’ email address to that of the person filling out the form? I do use the built in standard field for email address in my form.

    I have to set the ‘return-path’ address to my own on my server because my host requires this. However, it’s frustrating not being able to reply to them without copying and pasting their email into the ‘To’ field. Sometimes I forget and send the email to myself and then the process is even longer.

    Any help is appreciated! Thanks

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  • Okay, I’ve now just noticed that it started working. When I click respond it correctly populates the sender’s email address into the ‘To’ field, HOWEVER, I am still getting my auto-responder sent to me instead of the user. Anything I can do about that or am I out of luck? Thanks!

    It does what you want by default.
    Read this page and see if it helps

    Problem: the confirmation emails are not sent out

    I appreciate the quick reply. I probably should have specified, the auto-responder is setup through my email service so that others who email me directly still receive the message. I do not have a confirmation email setup right now through FS Contact Form. It’s really not a huge inconvenience, just annoying to delete the auto-responder message every time someone uses my form.

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