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  • As a follow-up for any interested party, I wish to confirm that I am still unable to get the “From Email” field to be honored. My current solution is to configure the plugin to use the desired “From” email address as the username. (In my case This does require that the desired “From” email is a working email address on the SMTP server in question. In my case, the SMTP server is Gsuite (gmail for business).

    In order to set the “reply to” address as for all WooCommerce generated emails, I added the following code to my active child theme functions.php file:

    add_filter( 'woocommerce_email_headers', 'add_reply_to_wc_admin_new_order', 10, 3 );
    function add_reply_to_wc_admin_new_order( $headers = '', $id = '', $order ) {
            $reply_to_email = '';
            $headers .= "Reply-to: <$reply_to_email>\r\n";
        return $headers;

    I hope this helps.

    This workaround is still less than ideal. Purchasing customers still see the “From” email as, which can lend to some confusion. Ideally, I would hope for a more robust solution, ideally from a paid plugin. I state that a paid plugin would be ideal, because we all work for money, and paying for a plugin would incentivize developers to construct and maintain a solution. For those who depend on their website as a source of income, a paid plugin and active support provide a level of comfort necessary to continue using the WordPress and WooCommerce platforms.

    Unfortunately, after looking through the repository at the top 20 SMTP plugins, no plugin currently offers the functionality of selective “From Email” selection.
    Hopefully, the talented developers at WPForms will capitalize on this opportunity!

    I do not use WooCommerce but I have the same issue: the from email is always the the same, it’s the gmail adresse…

    When I look at the mail headers I see:
    X-Google-Original-From: SQLI WP DEV <>


    It seems that the issue is not coming from this plugin but maybe some changes from google somewhere… I have test with this: that does the same thing that this plugin and the from is not honored

    @pako69 I agree that Google is choosing to send from the same address. The proper solution IMHO, and one I would be willing to pay for, is one which allows differentiation, such that if WP-mail wants to send an email, the plugin will look at the “from” address and pair it with the appropriate account (gmail or other SMTP provider, doesn’t really matter as long as they authenticate with username). If there is no corresponding account, the SMTP plugin would simply use WP-mail.

    This type of solution requires a bit more configuration and knowledge, which may present a challenge to some WordPress users, but there is clearly a need for it. Again, I think this is an excellent opportunity for the fine folks at WPForms. If they choose not to capitalize on it, perhaps I will.

    nebulatechnologies >
    it’s clearly out of my knowledge… 🙁

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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