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  • Hello,

    I’m not an advanced user and I’m at my second wordpress website.
    I’ve been installing WordPress, everything looked fine until I realized that my website redirects to domain name/blog and not to the actual domain name.
    I’ve been trying to find out what the issue is and tried several solutions but I really can’t figure it out.
    I’m an absolute beginner but I understand the basics and I followed the instructions although I’m sure I missed something…

    Thank you in advance,

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  • Hi Felix, is this a local install or to some ISP?

    Hello magnuscromulus, it’s ISP.
    I modified the wp-config.php accordingly, tried several solutions like define(‘WP_HOME’,’’);

    and others but the website is still appearing on domain despite the permalinks and general settings also well set up.

    I’m not sure about 2 steps I did in the install process:
    htaccess….I just copied and pasted it together with the other files within the FTP folder, whilst I remember there was something more to do with it (but can’t recall what…)

    creation of database, I simply added the various login, psw, database name etc. on the wp-config file. The database is already created on my hosting, is that all correct?


    Where exactly do have your wordpress files and folder in blog folder or root as if you have wrong urls in Settings>>>General you should get error and get to your website.

    the wordpress files are in root, the urls are correct on Settings > General but still, the main domain gets to a page “Under Construction” from the hosting solution I chose (ovh) and the website appears only if I add the /blog to the url…

    Hi Felix,

    I don’t know about your ISP – I used 1and1 and with 1and1 there is an administrator setting page where you can make sure that index.htm points to the right location.

    So the index.htm should point to your wordpress index.htm location

    In other words, I think your wordpress settings are probably correct, but the host settings are incorrect. let me see if i can get a screenshot for you later on so I can show you what I mean. In any case, a call to your ISP’s support team can clear this out, I’m sure.

    If you go to and click on “help for felix” you will see an image I uploaded for you to look at. In it you can see how points to right folder location.

    that under construction must a place holder page you can delete or rename the page most likely is index.html

    @magnuscromulus: thanks a lot for your help

    @govpatel: yes indeed, I checked both ftp of my websites to compare one to the other and actually on the first one there was no index.html whilst on the second there was one related to the under construction page.
    I removed it and now the site runs on the right URL.

    Thanks to all, very nice of you 🙂


    You are welcome

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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