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  1. Sjeiti
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I finally have a problem I'm unable to solve.

    I've build a custom post type into a plugin. You can add attachements (post-type==attachement) to this post type via the media library. Since the attachements meta-data is also used I thought it easy to also link directly to attachements edit page (get_edit_post_link($id)). That get_edit_post_link function indeed brings you to the 'edit media' page but when you push the update/save button you are redirected to the Media overview page. Off course in this case I would like it to redirect back to my custom post type.

    I've tried the add_filter('redirect_post_location'...) but appearantly it's not working for post-type=='attachement' (unfortunately there's no docs on redirect_post_location).

    Does anybody have a solution? I was thinking somewhere along the lines of: get_edit_post_link($id).'&redir='.$_SERVER['PHP_SELF']

  2. Sjeiti
    Posted 4 years ago #

    A small change in media.php makes it work

    change media.php ln 39 : wp_redirect($location);
    to : wp_redirect(isset($_GET['redir'])?$_GET['redir']:$location);

    But that's just hacking the core... useless since I'm building a plugin...
    Maybe I should just forget it for now and post a ticket asking for a redirect_media_location filter.

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