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  • hi bobrock4,
    What errors have you encountered?
    Can you provide a link to your site?

    Hi jnhghy,

    at you can see that, after put the site in the theme folder, css are not read, images are not found and the site is not working.


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    Hi, The issue lies in the way you link to the resources from your site. I tried to reach and there’s nothing there…
    Using FTP make sure you have the images in to the right place or modify the html code to link the images to the right folder.Also the the css code is not linked correct I tried to fallow and there is nothing there also screen.css should have been in the “~software” folder do you have it there? if you do then this might also be a permission issue so if you have the files in the place where your links are pointing then check the permissions of the files.
    If you can’t debug this, share the links to the css file, to the images(at least from the header) and I’ll check it up to see if you need to change the links from the header, footer … so on ..

    Hi jnhghy,

    files you have mentioned are in the /wp-content/theme/name_of_the_theme/ folder. I have tried to switch from the theme I have uploaded to twentyeleven theme, one of two that you find in default WordPress installation, and I have seen that an image is a path like this

    img src="

    so, the first image file of my wordpress site has this path img src="img/logo.png while it should be img src=/wp-content/theme/name_of_the_theme/img/logo.png or maybe better

    Have I missed some steps installing my theme? I have tried to make the theme installation manually (uploading via ftp) and also using installation function from wordpress administration panel with the same negative result

    thanks and ciao

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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