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  • Hi to everybody,
    this is my first post on but for weeks I read articles to learn and understanding this platform.

    From a few days I am having problems of slowness with my site.
    I have thought from immediately that the problem’s cause could be the last installed plugin, but nothing is changed when I have removed it.

    So, considering that the domain I signal is a testing domain, I have decided to cancel everything (except the folder cache that takes the ownership of the user httpd) and re-install a fresh version of WP, to verify that everything returned to place.
    Then I am with a new installation and without plugins.

    Instead the problem persists unfortunately, the pages are slow to the loading and so also the control panel.

    I have thought it could be a problem of the hosting service but I also have other sites in shared ip and they have not suffered variations (sites that use MySQL but not the WP platform).

    The problem seems to be due really to WordPress… at to 2 days from when I wanted to put online my new site.
    Someone has ideas?

    A thanks to all above all to whom wanted to help me! : -)
    p.s: sorry for my english

    the link is

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  • Try deleting the contents of your cache folder within WP.
    Then do a hard refresh on your browser – Ctrl + F5.

    Thx for your answer samboll,
    I can’t delete my cache folder because the owner is the Apache user “httpd” and i haven’t grants for deleting it.

    However i tried to install another fresh copy in another domain (the official site) of the same hosting service and the problem persists… so i don’t think the problem is the cache folder.

    Ummm, you http server takes FOREVER to start responding, the queries themselves take over 10s. I’d say it’s a slow webserver, MySQL server, or both. Just my gut instinct.


    Yes I’ve this sensation too, I would like to have some other opinion because I’m thinking really to change hosting service.

    Thx david 😉

    you can try WP-Cache with this fix. This will speed up your blog significantly after the second request, but not the administration panel.

    Thank you for your support arnee but this is not a cache problem, i wrote to my hosting support and they deleted the cache folder for me, so now I’ve a completely new installation of WordPress, but the problem is still there…

    I suppose the problem could be a bottle neck in the intercontintal connection (I’m trying from Italy and the hosting service is in USA).

    So someone can try the connection from USA to test the speed connection?

    Seems quite zippy to me at the moment. I’m in Colorado, USA.

    Loaded in 2 secs on broadband for me.

    Thank’s a lot Handy and samboll, I’ll change hosting service for this domain, not a WP problem.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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