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  • I’ve had to make changes in order to just get my site to work behind our kemps (off-loading SSL). I adapted the code from here to get the site working (added: $_SERVER[‘HTTPS’]=’on’; to wp-config.php).

    I can now access the site, but when I log in, I get the “you do not have permission” error. Then if I hit the site’s home page, I get the admin bar; but I still can’t access the dashboard (or any other admin area). Dev console is reporting a 500 server error, but I don’t see anything more descriptive in the apache logs…

    I’ve moved the plugins folder, and I’ve changed the wp_capabilities value so far to no avail. I also just recreated the salt values which didn’t help. I have not changed my db prefix since installation.

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  • Is virtualhosts correctly defined for https/443 port? Put a simple html file and try accessing it via https, does it come up?

    Hey sandyr – yep, I just dropped a test.html file in there & was able to access it via https://www…etc

    I also just followed this procedure to create another admin user & that didn’t help.

    Enable wordpress debug logs. What’s coming in there?

    I enabled debug, debug_log & debug_display in wp-config.php a while back to see if I could get anything, & got nothing. I then intentionally edited the code to introduce an error just to make sure it was working (redefined a constant). Logs haven’t shown anything save for my intentional error, unfortunately.

    I actually just completely wiped out my installation; rm -rf the entire site root, dropped the database, complete recreation.

    Got the same error. Serenity now.

    This first part is returning false:

    function wp_validate_auth_cookie($cookie = '', $scheme = '') {
            if ( ! $cookie_elements = wp_parse_auth_cookie($cookie, $scheme) ) {
                    do_action('auth_cookie_malformed', $cookie, $scheme);
                    return false;

    We were able to fix the issue by pasting the $_SERVER[‘HTTPS’]=’on’; at the beginning of wp-config.php instead of at the end. That was it. Ugh.

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