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  • I just uploaded and installed my blog, and when trying to make the very first post, I click on the “new post” button and immediately am told that the site is infected with malware. I figured it was the theme I downloaded, erased everything, changed passwords and started again. I’m still getting the same warning.

    Any ideas?

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  • Did you install your WordPress (downloaded in the
    – via Fantastico or similar?
    – Extract the WordPress in a folder in ur desktop, thene in your server?
    – Did you use any plugin?
    – the name of soft who detect the malware, and what’s ur Service Pack of windows (if you work unders Windows)?

    This questions will let us understand the src of this malware.

    I extracted it on my downloads folder and then uploaded it onto my server. I didn’t use any plug-ins. Google warned me of the malware. And I’m not using Windows.

    that’s strange! cause if ur website it’s so new, Google will not warned you, i think that you host your website in a shared server, who maybe the malware come across one of website hosted on it.
    Also, some website are victim’s of there Pub banners hosted by 3th ad company infected with malware.
    So my advice, is to contact your Hoster, and after contact google to remove your url in his Black liste.

    Good luck.

    Yeah. It’s doubly strange that my other site on the same server is fine. I have no idea.

    The best idea is to contact ur webhost company.


    I contacted my hosting company and they said everything is fine. It seems like the post link is redirecting me to a sketchy url. I even re-downloaded the wordpress files, and no luck. Could there be something hidden on my server that is re-writing the wordpress files when I upload them?

    Where would I look in the wordpress files to find out if they’ve been changed?

    Nevermind. Called back and mentioned redirecting. They found the problem.

    I’m 99% sure this came from an infected theme.

    yeah, there many free themes infected, i suggest you to delet your old database, and connect ur website with new one.
    Next time if you want to use any theme, try befor to install it to verify every file (php, image…) if you find any strang text like : u«ہ†jײ]ثt*ـ¸rçv¬ give-up the theme, that a encrypted code who can to communicate with other server and who install any thing in ur BD.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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