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  • My site is called Inspiration Point ( When starting this blog, I did not want a typical Christian blog. My goal is and has been to provide encouraging stories about overcoming adversities.

    I’m doing more than share my own stories; I’m also sharing insights into varying topics that may come up. This blog was actually started on and it’s been moved to a self hosted site.

    I’d like for Inspiration Point to eventually generate an income. This why I’m looking into ways to monetize it. Right now, I’m working on implementing a forum for the blog.

    Right now, guest are set to “Read Only”. I’m relatively new to the business end of maintaining a forum. I’d love to know how I can improve the site.

    What about the forum? I am considering creating a private group forum for churches in the Shore area. The working name for it will be “The Shore Classified”. I’ll also create a public group forum that will have stuff for the general public.

    As I do like politics and religion, I may create suitable forums for these two topics. Not sure, yet

    Again, I’d welcome some feedback on my blog. Thank you.

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  • Just taking a look at your site, it is very clean and easy to navigate. No confusion as to where everything is.

    Thanks for sharing this site here. I have to say a lot of these articles are very personal to you and speak of your passion for what you love and do.
    I have tried my best to be as thorough and breakup this review in to a few sub topics so it’s easier to read.
    Here is my usability experience and feedback from visiting this site


    1. The title of the site was listed on the header – Inspiration Point.
    2. Since I’m outside the sphere of visitors that this site was targeted, I was a bit clueless about what the Tag line meant (ref: “Not your typical Christian blog!) The third line on the header gave me a better idea of what had to offer.
    3. Check for typography in header text.
    4. The header image is really pretty “Inspiration Point”. Those green meadows read inspiring, though the dog and the fence on the extreme left side and the covered cabin on the right could be cropped off.
    5. The font for the Title of the site is very different from the rest of the site and a little smaller in prominence. I would probably blow it up by a few points

    Header Navigation

    1. I see that clicking on ‘Home’ takes me to the front page (blog), but there is another link called ‘Video Blog’. I would remove the word ‘Blog’ from the ‘Video Blog’
    2. If my main content is “Encouraging Stories” (since the header content says so) I would probably make that my second link. But I think reordering the links would finally boil down to your sites analytics. If more of your users are returning users, I might move the ‘About’ to the third spot. If I have more new users than returning users, I might just include a summary of ‘About’ on the right column in the Body of the page.
    3. ‘Review’ – I was not too sure what was being reviewed here. Was it articles, books, movies, some other content that’s related to Inspirational Point.
    4. Search bar is subtle and has text and a ‘Call to Action’ icon. That’s good.

    The titles read clearly, but I was a little confused where each link was taking me. Basically this is what I figured. ‘Home’ is a combination of a blog and posts from the landing page for ‘Encouraging Readings’. Encouraging Reading as smaller sub sections and Video Blog didn’t display videos on the landing page (unless I clicked on ‘continue reading’

    I would suggest the following
    Navigation sort order

    Encouraging Readings | Blog | About | Forum

    Encouraging Readings would have a landing page listing the five sub-sections and explain what each of them contain. Clicking on the heading would take them to their respective page
    Blog would contains the posts from ‘Home’, Video Blog, Reviews
    About no changes
    Forums no changes

    The Font choice and text size is easy to read. There is one thing I have to say, avoid using ‘Continue Reading’ if the text is just going to be a few more lines. (i.e Video Blog Posts)
    Since the site is text heavy. Use relevent images one in a way to break up walls of text. Flickr has a large collection of Creative Common Photos you can use for your posts

    Integrating social icons can be pretty useful to get new visitors. Having all of them displayed on each post can also make your site take a little more time to load.
    From a quick observation, you seem to be getting more facebook likes and probably a few tweets and google+ impressions. I would avoid having the rest of the icons show up if they are going to display ‘0’ till I have more people hitting those social share buttons.

    On clicking on some of the images in the psost. The image size didn’t scale up. (ie post with beautiful but small images). If those images are going to be clickable, make sure they lightbox to a larger size or else remove the ‘click through’ action on them so they don’t take the user to the image preview page.
    Caption all your images if you have taken them.

    Body / Right Column
    The right column has a search bar on top. This search bar is redundant as the site already has a search bar on the header navigation menu.

    The background blue goes well with the link colors and flows with the theme, but currently it reads a bit too plain for ‘Inspiration point’.
    My suggestion – Search for a big BG images that has the same values and slap it on the back (for example:

    Since the articles are lengthy and at times below the fold, add a header navigation or have a ‘back to the top’ button.

    You can also use Footer Widgets to guide/suggest recommended articles to your users.

    I wish I could tell you more ways on how to monetize, but not my area of expertise, BarryB64. Hope you find this review helpful.
    All the Best and Cheers!

    Ajay Karat

    Your site is ok. I just want to suggest you that please remove some of your social icons.Make your site design and layout a bit more attractive.Improve your logo or build a new happening logo for your site.Hope it helps. thanks.

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