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  • Hi – I am a wordpress newbie but so far, so good. I installed the fresh & clean theme and was able to update the features of the theme via However, because I wanted access to the files behind the scenes, I decided to set up hosting with another provider since doesn’t allow back-end file access. I was able to install the theme without any issue but as soon as I try to customize its features, nothing updates on my site. I tried simply updating the background color or menu items and it will not reflect on my site. If I switch themes, the menu items I created are indeed there. When I switch back to fresh & clean, it is only the default page with no menu options. I have also tried this with a second hosting provider and I get the exact same problem. Can anyone help?

    Thanks in advance for any info!

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  • If I understand things correctly, the themes on are heavily customised. So a theme on a self-hosted site may not behave at all like a theme on

    Having said that, you should be able to make customisations that the theme itself says you should be able to make. For example, you should be able to create a custom menu if the theme allows you to.

    Have you checked out the theme’s web site? There’s some stuff there about changing the background, for example.



    thanks for your response. the issue is that there are placed to change things like background and add menu items just like in other themes but when i check the site, the changes are not visible. yet, if i keep those same settings and change to another theme, those changes show up. So they are in the wordpress admin panel but just not propogating to the fresh and clean theme. And the theme installs just fine – at least it says so.

    Where did you download the Fresh & Clean Theme that you’re currently using on your self-hosted WordPress install?

    Hmm… “Tweet and download”? Really?

    that is the only place i could find it for download. if i search themes via one of the self hosting installs, it does not come up as an option. So I am wondering if it is only for wordpress hosting? I just tweeted a note to the author but not sure he will respond as I did that a few day ago to no avail.

    The site’s web page appears to be at:

    There’s a contact page, so perhaps you could contact the developer directly. It seems to me that the problem is in the theme and not anywhere else, from what you’ve said.



    @peredur that link just links to the URL already posted by the OP.

    Yes, but this one has a “Contact” link, which was why I posted it. I didn’t see one on the original link. Maybe I missed it…


    Yes, but this one has a “Contact” link, which was why I posted it.

    That “Contact” link won’t go to the Theme developer. The web site is just an aggregator, and as far as I can tell, isn’t affiliated with the Theme developer.

    i contacted the theme developer via twitter which is what he requests when there are bugs with other themes. i just hope he responds as this is frustrating.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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