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  • Hi all,

    I’ve seen a lot of posts that are similar to this one, but they all seem to be different at the core of the problem. So here we go:

    THE URL:

    I have a fresh WP 2.3.2 install (no upgrades or anything fancy), all plugins disabled,
    using a theme of my own, which is pretty elementary.

    I’ve added a couple of (nested) categories in the categories admin panel.
    Then I go to Manage->Posts and Edit the “Hello World” post. I try to add
    a category to it by checking the corresponding check box and clicking Add
    (on the upper-right dialog box for Categories). Then I get the infamous
    “Something strange happened message …”

    Any help, greatly appreciated.


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  • It may help you to know additionally that my category structure in the admin panel looks like this:

    — Talks
    — Conferences

    Another (possibly related) SYMPTOM is that in my sidebar, where I use
    the simple command <?php wp_list_cats(); ?> you only get to see the “Uncategorized” category.


    Jeremy Clark



    As far as the last question goes. Do the Impressions, Talks, Conferences categories have any posts in them if not there not displayed.

    They don’t have any posts in them. Perhaps that explains why they
    are not displayed. (Thanks!) Still does not explain why I cannot add
    them to an existing post.


    It was a confusion with the user interface for adding/removing categories on the
    post-edit page. I thought that when check or uncheck categories on checkbox list of categories for a box, you are then supposed to press the “Add” button. This is not the case.

    Thus pressing the “Add” button was giving an error message because the text
    input box was empty. Maybe this could be redesigned??


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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