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    What do you think about an idea not to send updates every day, but do it less frequently, lets say each month?

    If this continues I am going to start to believe that you are making update every day for no other reason but to advertize and thus remove your plugin.

    It is annoying handling your updates each day. It’s like a spam.


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  • Plugin Author JS Morisset


    You can just update once a month.

    I code and release new versions as time permits. I aim for at least a week between versions, unless there’s a bug to fix.


    I totally agree. I’ve had several clients ask me to remove it because it’s always asking them to update. One client said he doesn’t want it on his site anymore because if it needs updating so often it must be crappy code.

    It’s a good plugin but the constant updates are making it look bad.

    Plugin Author JS Morisset


    If your clients, or yourself, would look at the Changelog before updating, you would see that most changes are improvements, fine-tuning, new features, etc. There are very few “fixes”, though it happens on occasion. When it does, I’d rather get the fixes addressed quickly to keep the plugin running smoothly.

    You may want to look at this plugin http://wordpress.org/plugins/plugin-update-hider/ — looks like a decent solution to freeze whatever version of the plugin you install.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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