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  • I have two blogs that were first set up in 2005.

    Same database, but many different hosts.

    I’m currently on a dedicated server, with a backup server on hand.

    Here’s the problem:

    Every week or so, I lose the ability to save a new post, or update a post I’m editing.

    The solution is the same: Repair the database. It happens with both databases and, in fact, on either server.

    After the repair, it works again for another week or so, and the phenomenon returns.

    I have tried creating a new database for each blog, and importing the old data into the new databases with no change.

    This problem has existed on both my cPanel servers, which are similarly configured as follows:

    Intel multicore Xeon with at least 32GB RAM and loads of storage space (one uses an SSD RAID).

    CENTOS6.6, X86_64, Apache 2.4.12, MySQL 5.6.23, ZendOpcache, PHP 5.5.22. Problem has persisted with ongoing updates to systems.

    All WordPress plugins are kept up to date as much as possible, but the only one that seems to impact databases is Lester Chan’s WP-DBManager.

    I have other blogs on these servers that do not exhibit these symptoms (they are slightly newer).



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  • Keith


    Is your theme and WP core up to date? I suggest you try repairing via phpMyAdmin as opposed to using a plugin and see if that helps.

    It is not normal to have to do a repair that often and I would be concerned that it could worsen.

    WP is up to date. The theme is custom, but one I’ve used for a long while without the recent troubles. I do not have access to the original developer, however, or to the person who did an update that allowed us to use widgets. phpMyAdmin repairs don’t seem to make any difference compared to using Lester Chan’s database plugin. I presume he’s using the same commands.

    Are you suggesting something in the theme is making this happen?

    Anyone care to look at it?


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