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  • skippy



    I’d like to request the addition of a user_level row in wp_posts, so that authors can elect to limit visibility of a post to registered users of a certain user_level.
    This will require some conditional logic in The Loop to check post level and visitor level, obviously. It may also require some modifications to ensure that “protected” posts aren’t sent in syndication feeds. One possible solution would be to check for a password on the syndicaton feed URL, so that registered users can still read all the posts (secured and unsecured) in their aggregators.

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  • Hathor


    I’d like to request that too. 😉

    It seems that sometimes there is need to protect certain posts from unregistered users. Private posts are not sufficient when you want to show those posts in the blog, not the admin area. The same with password protection, I don’t want my readers to enter the password each time they want to access a protected post. One login should do.

    There are some hacks:
    The viewlevel plugin: It worked fine, but no longer with WP 1.5.
    The postlevel plugin: It’s compatible with WP 1.5, but still single-post view is broken.
    The private categories plugin: Works fine with WP 1.5, but it does not protect the post, it just hides it from overviews. If you know the direkt url to the post, you can still access it.

    So I would be very happy if one of the next WP versions has this feature… 🙂



    I think some of what you two are suggesting is listed in the Suggestion area of

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