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    is there a version available in french (canada)?

    thank you

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    Hello karinem,

    Well, sometimes we need your/users help. For translations to any language.

    The widget’s language is automatically chosen based on your Settings / General / Site Language settings.
    If a local translation does not exist, the fallback language is English.

    Please continue reading:

    How to translate the widget to my language?

    Choosing the language for translation:

    French (Canada) / Français du Canada:

    French (France) / Français:

    I’m Maxime, locale manager for French Canada.

    I have approved/edited every translation that were waiting for approval. Please get in touch with me if you submit more translations and need them to be approved.

    Thank you.

    P.S. @karinem Tu peux me contacter directement si tu veux aider à la traduction.

    Plugin Author Weather Atlas


    Hello @maximejobin,

    Thank You for your effort in approving the translation.

    I’ve imported (unapproved) suggested translations from French into French (Canada) translations.
    Please reject/choose overlapping suggestions, and approve translations if they are appropriate.

    I do not speak French, so it might be a mistake to import regular French into Canadian French, and if that’s the case – my apologies.

    Hi !
    I’ve just completed the french/France translations.
    Who could verify and/or validate this so as the plugin could be available in fr_FR ?
    Thank you in advance for your help ?

    Hi @phirem,

    Thanks for your contribution.

    I’m a French Global PTE for fr_FR, so I can check your translations.

    Actually, the plugin is not properly prepared for translation.
    The stable version tag is missing so even if you get all the strings approved, it won’t be seen by the users.

    @weatheratlas please see and for further information.


    Thank you, Laurent, for this so quick answer !
    In the same time, looking at the php files of the plugin, and I didn’t understand how it could work with other languages.
    I try to read pages you linked in your answer, but I’m not a developper…
    So, is there anything I could do to go farther with this plugin ?

    No problem,

    The problem here is that the development and the stable version of the plugin are the same. By definition, a development version is not stable, so are the translations strings.
    It’s a waste of time for the translators and the editors to translate those strings since they can change quite often.

    There’s nothing more you can do so far.
    It’s the developer’s job to fix this issue.

    But don’t worry, I created a backup of your translations so once the issue is fixed, you won’t have to start all over in case your translations get lost in the matrix 🙂

    Bonne soirée !

    Plugin Author Weather Atlas


    Hello @peexy,

    Thank you so much for getting involved in this matter.

    We’ll look into links you have sent, as soon as we dedicate time to fix suggested issues.

    Just one clarification on this, please:

    The stable version tag is missing so even if you get all the strings approved, it won’t be seen by the users.

    With Development translation, the translation system works without an issue.
    For example – the Spanish (development) translation is 100% finished, (stable is 0%),
    and the widget is being translated without a problem.

    Please check example live sites here: (ES translation) (DE translation) (SR translation)

    Here you can check (on the same site) how languages are being switched,
    between EN
    and ES

    Hello @weatheratlas,

    Thanks for your answer.

    You’re actually right, the language package is generated even if the plugin has the development tag.
    My mistake.

    But we strongly recommend translators not to translate development strings since they can change at any time.


    Plugin Author Weather Atlas


    Hello again,

    Yes, it appears that language packs are generated on each change, regardless of the development/stable version.
    I guess that if there is no stable, the fallback is dev. v.

    We went through a lot of internal adjustments of the widget to provide language switching, but 99,99% of the users are happy to ask for translations to their language, but not so eager to contribute themselves.

    One translator told me – it’s better to teach one to fish… – suggesting that translators will approve the translations, but they usually won’t do the translations themselves.

    I guess that after a while, it’s no surprise that there is no strong incentive for developers to commit 100% to free projects.

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