• I am looking for a blog written in French language, using WP1.2 and with a correct adaptation to French language: accentued letters in categories, calendar starting on MOnday, etc.
    Was this adaptation possible from the admin function or was it necessary to modify the product?
    Cheers, Fabien

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  • Bonjour Fabien,
    I searched the forums with “Language” and came accross a post about support for Chinese. It mentioned searching the Wiki (of course) and there I found the page for WP L10N (localization) page.
    Check the <b>1.2 WordPressPOT</b> section, among the language files there is french and also a link to an example site in french. While checking that out I found a couple of small problems in his translation and contacted him.
    About the first day of the week, can you be more specific ? There seemed to be a bug about it, check this message:
    First day of the week?
    Once you’re done, come back and let everyone know 🙂

    Fabien, localisation is quite high in the DevTeam goals, so I’m pretty sure this problem will be resolved by the next major release.

    Thanks Xibe. I would like to read this written by the DevTeam members AND to know precisely what is the next major release and when (approximatively of course) it can be expected.
    Cheers, Fabien

    A proactive WP community member has already taken care of this issue.
    Incidentally, the WordPress community, on the whole, is very friendly and helpful; if solutions aren’t readily at hand, many of them will step up to the challenge and try to work out a solution. I find that to be worthy of public praise and gratitude. Having an belligerent attitude such as what you demonstrate in your posts is not at all necessary, nor is it welcome. If you don’t like something about the software, you are, of course, free to contribute your own solutions.

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