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  • As others have mentioned, the plugin freezes/crashes Chrome on Windows.

    I tried to re-install version 2.9.4 as I know that this version doesn’t make Chrome crash, but then I got a complaint of a missing role and had to update again.

    Knowing that 2.9.4 does work, would you be able to add a “fail-safe mode” in the cureent version while solving the real issue? Or is there a simple way to rollback?


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  • Is there a fix scheduled for the next update? It’s very hard to use it.

    It seems changes go through, but I have to close the tab and navigate back to admin from a new tab.

    Brian Jackson


    Same issue here… you can grab old versions from the WP Repository page and manually replace it. Or you can use this simple rollback plugin.

    It’s been hanging on me, regardless of browser flavor, for quite a while. I actually thought it was something I was doing, but now it’s hanging on all my sites. The only thing of help I’ve noticed is that it doesn’t hang if I make a simple change, e.g., a few characters, but if I make a big change, e.g., several lines, it hangs. Very annoying.



    Same here but on Firefox. I am actually thinking of switching functionality plugin, I can’t work with it anymore! The code saves but I have to wait for the browser to crash or in the case of Firefox, I have to stop the page from continually refreshing and press the back button to see if it actually saved!

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    Plugin Author Shea Bunge


    Can people confirm this error is still occurring in the latest plugin release? If so, I would really appreciate some steps for how I can reproduce this problem. Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot I can do until I can observe and debug this issue for myself.

    Plugin Author Shea Bunge


    I’ve just released version 2.13.2 of the plugin, which removes a bit of code that I think might have been causing this issue.

    I would really appreciate it if you could try it out and let me know if it fixes this problem or not. Thanks!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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