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  • Big hello to the WP community. Had my website setup a while back using WP and now I want to incorporate online shopping!

    Does anyone know of a good, tested and reliable open source program with a large community support like WP’s ? Would be of great help, thanks to all.

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  • Dude, people, both of my links go to a LIVE store, please stop submitting “test” orders!!

    Thanks 🙂

    Though it seems you’ve found your solution, I’m going to add this anyway since others might read here. ZenCart is pretty cool, fairly robust for all small to medium web businesses, and css/standards compliant out of the box (as is WP!) Pretty easy to install too, and the developer community and forum is as friendly and helpful as the WP community. I’d recommend it.

    For the record, OSCommerce is not css standards compliant. The ZenCart originators forked from OSCommerce for this reason.

    Where can I download microshop? I’ve tried all of the above links?



    I set up a store, and was testing out the shopping cart, when I go to check out, it gives me an error: “The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.”

    I’ve followed all the steps in the wiki, everything works fine until this point. Anyone else have this problem or can help?

    I do not need the Paypal option. Is there anyway to remove it?

    I’m getting the databases created, but nothing from there. If I click the control panel link, I get the same page, If I try to go to the store, all I get is a fresh control panel. Any suggestions? I’ve tried deleting the tables from the DB, clearing the config file, and starting over, but alas, same thing. Also, I was unable to use the WP database info, had to manually input that. I’d really like to give this a run.



    I personally use the ShoppingQ software built by Bitwise. Its not free but pretty reasonable and extremely fast. You can go to for more information. I am a reseller and could get you a good price on a license as well as hosting too if anyone needs it. If not no biggie:)

    No thanks. I’m really just looking to get this to work. I’m quite familiar with all the other options out there. That’s why I choose this thread, as it’s specifically been about MicroShop, as opposed to starting another asking for suggestions for carts.



    Just stay away from using X-Cart!

    Stay away from ZenCart too! CubeCart is simply the best one out there.

    First, I was not nor am I asking for shopping cart suggestions
    Second, though not directly supported, Owen via his Red Alt site has a general support forum for all of his plugins, etc.

    Hmmm. Should have reread the whole thread apparently…. that’s the problem with the antique ones, ain’t? I’d even replied to it once myself ages back.

    As it happens, I tried microshop and found it in some ways counterintuitive and not particularly robust. Which is why I’ve gone with another open source solution.

    sorry for the mis-post

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