free/open source shopping cart program needed (39 posts)

  1. James Huff
    Support Representative
    Posted 10 years ago #

    Please submit your support request to the Red Alt Support Forums.

  2. Dan Milward
    Posted 10 years ago #

    For all your online shopping needs use wp e-commerce lite

  3. Dan Milward
    Posted 10 years ago #

    wp e-commerce is now located here:

    happy shopping!!!!

  4. vstore
    Posted 10 years ago #

    go ahead and try http://www.vstore.ca

    See if it works out for you

    You can see the demo of the Basic Service (http://www.vstore.ca/demo.php) and Premium Service (http://www.vstore.ca/premium-demo.php).

    We have over 20,000 active stores. We've setup a directory of all our hosted stores at http://www.vmall.ca. If you need good examples, I recommend glamorousgoods.weblodge.net, homeontheroad.org, gadget-home.com, cad.vstore.ca, fastmustangparts.com, and more....

    We have a google ad on the right column and our ad in the footer of the store. The google ads keep our service free for the basic customers. You can view an example in some of the stores in our directory. You have the option of removing those ads by paying the small monthly fee of $7.95 or by getting our Premium Service. There are absolutely no popups of any kind. The ads are not noticeable to the point where anybody would get frustrated.

    We have full help articles located at http://www.vstore.ca/faq and http://www.vstore.ca/help-wiki. You can also get help through our forums, http://forum.vstore.ca and helpdesk, http://www.vstore.ca/helpdesk/web.php

    If you are unhappy with our service, which we are sure you will not be disappointed, you do have the option of simply closing the store on the account page.

    Unfortunately, we do not have a 800 number due to the costly fees it takes to maintain it every month. However, we do have superior customer service through our helpdesk, through the forums, and through livehelp. Our service is volunteer based so we may not be on livehelp at all times of the day. But, we definitely try to respond to helpdesk tickets same day. Unlike other companies, we actually listen and interact with our customers. Many of the features that we have in our stores are due to customer feedback. We fix problems ON-DEMAND and do not have you go through circles just to resolve a simple solution. All of our techs are experienced with the system and have the clearance to fix technical problems. No more talking to techs who always have to get assistance from upper management each and everytime.

    As you can see, we are really there for our customers and strive to do what other companies don't. If you ever need any assistance, feel free to let us know.

  5. blakekr
    Posted 10 years ago #

    vkaryl, I'd love to know what you ended up going with.

    I looked at osCommerce: overblown and very very (very) out of date.

    ZenCart: looked nice, but requires all customers to register before they order (= high abandonment rates). Darn!

    e-Commerce Lite: A lot of user-reported errors listed on their forums with no apparent solutions (yet)

    microShop: looks nice, but my attempted install failed

    I'd really love to know what you ended up choosing ... and how it worked for you. I'm dying to find something:

    - small
    - that installs, works, and plays well with paypal
    - that I can host on my server and "tweak"
    - doesn't require customers to register to order

  6. nextwave
    Posted 9 years ago #

    I was running MicroShop successfully- but then it started getting hacked-
    no answers or helps from Owen. I'm now looking for an alternative- tried installing WPShop which crashed my entire blog. So wouldn't recommend that.

  7. Dan Milward
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Of course you could always use the original, the most amazing and the most feature packed word press shopping cart plugin: http://www.instinct.co.nz/?p=16

  8. Rukas
    Posted 9 years ago #

    ^^ U could, but then u cant use XDForum.

  9. Dan Milward
    Posted 9 years ago #

    But you could use WP Forums [ http://www.fahlstad.se/wp-plugins/wp-forum/ ] or BB Press. They are not going to fix XDForums - XDforums should fix XDForums :-P

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