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  • Big hello to the WP community. Had my website setup a while back using WP and now I want to incorporate online shopping!

    Does anyone know of a good, tested and reliable open source program with a large community support like WP’s ? Would be of great help, thanks to all.

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  • offers a free shopping cart that I’ve used on several sites.

    You can also try Microshop from Asymptomatic.

    Did you try a search on SourceForge?


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    A free/open-source eBusiness solution:

    A lot of the shopping carts that are out there are unrealistically complex for the typical blog author to use. If your online shop is not your full-time profession, you will want something simple.

    MicroShop works with my EzStatic plugin to integrate the shop into your WordPress site layout, or you can use Microshop stand-alone. You can see MicroShop in use in a real shop stand-alone or integrated. (This is a live shop – If you buy something, you will be charged and it will be shipped!)

    MicroShop makes it easy to accept payment from PayPal, and you can easily (requires minimal changes to the shopping cart source) set different shipping options. MicroShop automatically sends email notifications to the customer and to the shop owner on a successful purchase, and will accept pings for payment verification if you have this option enabled at PayPal.

    There is also a category feature, which allows you to separate your items into different categories, and offer a view of one item from each category on the shop home page with a link to the single category of products.

    Microshop is free, is only three files (code, config, and CSS), can integrate with WordPress, and it’s simple, which means both that it’s not packed with crazy features and that it doesn’t require a PhD to operate. It doesn’t have huge community support right now, nor do I expect it, but the developer is a pretty easy-going guy, I hear. 😉

    Hey people, if you’re going to click through to my sites, at least buy something, eh? LOL 😀

    I love Microshop and must echo everything Ringmaster has said – extremely easy to use, easy to customize (just CSS) and yet does everything you need it to, none of that fancy-pancy junk I don’t need. It also works great for me that I can change the name of the index.php to whatever I want and that it can integrate into WordPress or stand alone.

    My integrated installation (see above links) is using ezstatic and still “skins” with the rest of the site. (Yahoo!)

    And, yeah, I’d say the developer is a pretty easy-going guy. 😀

    I liked a lot MicroShop, it seems really easy, but can anybody tell me where can I find step-by-step installation? I would like to know how can I add products to my page.

    I’ll bet if you contact Anela from a contact link on one of her sites, she’d be able to answer a couple of questions for you….

    Whoops – I don’t visit here that often. 😀

    Here’s the Wiki entry for it, updated just for you 😉

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! 😉
    In a few days I will have a small shop on my website!


    mmm… owen:

    i tried the ezstatic plugin, it doesn’t execute php code within <?php ?> on wp pages… only in posts, e.g.:

    < ?php for($i = 0; $i < 3; $i++ ) echo "test$i<br/>"; ?>

    from a standard strayhorn install.

    moreover, there’s no obvious way to report the bug to you on your site — not even your email. 😉

    oh, and i should point out wordpress turns the <?php to < ?php

    Just FYI for anyone else using MicroShop that might have encountered this issue.

    I installed everything with ease (thanks for posting the wiki entry!)… but started noticing a bizarre issue (in the store) where the prices i had set were being altered… like the first few numbers, including the ($) dollar sign… were… gone. The prices in the database were correct, so I searched through the code. I found that wherever there was a dollar sign that was intended as an HTML output “$” (not a variable), it was being parsed as a variable.

    “Simple syntax – If a dollar sign ($) is encountered, the parser will greedily take as many tokens as possible to form a valid variable name.”

    I decided to try using the html char. code (& #36;) in place of the $ signs… and that solved my issue.

    For example, in line 142 of index.php (the MicroShop script)… I changed

    echo "<td class="itemprice"><strong>Price:</strong><br/>$" . number_format($item->item_price, 2) . "</td>n";

    TO THIS:
    echo "<td class="itemprice"><strong>Price:</strong><br/>& #36;" . number_format($item->item_price, 2) . "</td>n";

    Did anyone else notice this? Is it common to have to use (& #36;) in place of a $ sign in PHP (where you want to echo a $ sign)? Just trying to understand this… I’m fairly new to PHP.

    Thanks for the script, Ringmaster.

    * If you use the char code, remember to close up the space between
    (& #36;) I had to post it this way… the backticks didn’t work.

    i had the $ issue once. to solve it, use single quotes instead of relying on implicit concats from php. e.g:

    “implicite $var in php with $10 problem”
    ‘explicite ‘.$var.’ in php without $10 problem’

    The latest version of EzStatic (currently 1.9.2) fixes these issues.

    Dollar signs in output are automatically rendered properly by converting them to entities for you. This was already done in my SVN copy of 1.9.1, so this is not a new issue.

    The checkbox now “sticks” when you first publish a post. Previously, it would only work if you saved it first, then checked it.

    I have verified that embedding PHP works in both posts and pages. It’s likely if you experienced it not working, your page was subject to the un-sticky checkbox bug. Download 1.9.2 and try again – it should work fine now.

    With these fixes in place, you should not need to alter MicroShop’s dollar signs for it to function properly inside of WordPress.

    Thanks for the info!

    According to the
    oscommerce changelog
    , it was last updated in july 2003. Since then, the fork called ZenCart has been gaining a lot of momentum.

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