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    After having tried foogallery, decided it’s not what I’m looking for. I uninstalled and decided to start working on a new child theme. Fired up the Child Theme Configurator plugin to analyze my current theme and got following notices:

    Notice: Undefined index: foogallery/freemius in /home/ronm/public_html/wp-content/plugins/everlightbox/freemius/start.php on line 173

    Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in /home/ronm/public_html/wp-content/plugins/everlightbox/freemius/start.php on line 178

    Notice: Undefined index: foogallery/freemius in /home/ronm/public_html/wp-content/plugins/everlightbox/freemius/start.php on line 256

    Please advice.

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  • Plugin Support phillcoxon


    Hi there.

    Freemius (freemius.com) is a WordPress software licensing system that we use to license our FooBox and FooGallery plugins. It’s used by a growing number of WordPress plugin developers.

    In the messages above you’ll see that the everlightbox plugin you have installed is also using Freemius.

    If you’ve fully uninstalled FooGallery and you’re getting messages from Freemius about that then that seems unusual. One possibility is that the version of everlightbox you have is using an older version of the Freemius code that needs to be updated.

    Would you please confirm that you have fully deactivated and deleted FooGallery?

    Would you try deactivating and reactiving everlightbox and let me know if you are still seeing the notices?

    Thanks in advance,


    Plugin Support phillcoxon


    @blamedutchie – are you still having this issue?

    Thanks in advance,


    Plugin Support phillcoxon


    Hi @blamedutchie,

    We haven’t heard back from you regarding this so will assume you’ve resolved the issue and I’ll close this support request.

    Please open a new support request if we can help with anything else.

    Thank you!

    Well Phill, four days is not really a long time to wait for feedback. People do have a life beyond WordPress you know?

    Currently, I am experiencing more issues with the Everlightbox plugin, so investigation is still going on.

    Confirmed: I did deactivate, uninstall and remove all traces of Foogallery.
    I deactivated Everlightbox, ran the Child Theme Configuratory analyse function and the notice is gone. Reactivated Everlightbox, ran the analysis again and the notice remains gone…

    So, this tells us almost nothing :-/

    Plugin Author bradvin


    hey @blamedutchie,

    Under the hood, Freemius works off the singleton pattern, so that only 1 version of the Freemius framework will run at a time in your WP install. And it always runs the latest version it can find.

    So by the looks of your error, I think the following has happened:

    1. You install FooGallery and Freemius loads behind the scenes (Freemius 2.2.2).
    2. You install EverLightbox which runs Freemius 2.0.1.
    3. Everlightbox then uses the latest version of Freemius which is actually running inside FooGallery code. (Freemius keeps a reference to this in it’s internal config somehow)
    4. When you deactivate FooGallery, then Everlightbox’s reference to Freemius (which is inside FooGallery) is no longer available and it gives you the error.

    To get around this problem, you will need to clear your Freemius config, which can be done with the following plugin : https://github.com/Freemius/freemius-fixer

    Hi @bradvin

    Thanks for the explanation and link. In fact, it was the other way around;

    Everlightbox was already there, so installing the FooGallery plug-in updated Freemius and Everlightbox got `confusedĀ“ …

    I read that the fixer “should be used only as the last resort since it cleans all Freemius data, including the data that was stored for other Freemius powered plugins”.

    That makes sense, the question then arises if that will break Everlightbox.

    Debug page seems to point at a YES answer to that question, considering:

    SDK 2.0.1 everlightbox/freemius everlightbox/everlightbox.php Active

    Plugins recognized are both Everlightbox and foogallery, only Everlightbox is connected to the API with Freemius state on.

    Plug-in installs/sites shows everlightbox with keypair and thus that is the only one that can be deleted from the debug screen.

    Though I understand the logic, I think the Freemius plugin has some design flaws:

    1. Plugin no longer installed can be somehow left behind in the Freemius sphere;
    2. From the debug screen only active plugins can be deleted;
    3. That Freemius plugin becomed part of the plugins that use it, instead of becoming a separate plugin inside WordPress. This is asking for trouble.

    Please confirm:

    If I save the keypair connected to everlightbox and then run the fixer, it should be possible to restore and have everlightbox working as normal?

    Oh, and one more question: is it normal to see two different public keys connected to Everlightbox?

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    Never mind the keypair questions, I figured it out.

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