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    Joachim, I really love your plugin. But, Freemius is blowing up my server. Everytime. Also after applying your fix.

    Please replace Freemius w/ something else. For now, I am dropping your plugin. I don’t want to. But, I have to.

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  • Plugin Author Joachim Jensen


    Thank you for your feedback, and I am sorry to hear about the inconvenience the plugin has caused.

    When you say that Freemius blows up your server, do you then refer to the problem reported in the link, or do you mean that it takes up memory or hurts performance?

    I know that the developers have been working hard on fixing the mentioned problem with the paths, and I hope to release an updated version soon that includes those fixes.

    Currently Freemius is integrated in a way so it can’t be easily removed (ie. by commenting out a line of code, or using a filter), but I will look into if that can be done.

    While I understand your frustration, Freemius has helped me a lot with taking the plugin to where it is today, so I do not have any plans to replace it. That being said, I do want to make sure that the library does not negatively affect the functionality or usability of Content Aware Sidebars, so I really appreciate your comments.

    After every deployment I have to apply your fix to get rid of the error messages.

    Next to that, it looks like Freemius is taking up substantial memory – increasingly. With no further action, my server comes to a grinding halt.

    I’m still testing w/ your plugin uninstalled /installed. Today I increased PHP-FPM memory, reprovisioned, redeployed and applied your fix again. I’ll keep you in the know on the outcomes.

    A Freemius remove_filter would be nice.

    Plugin Author Joachim Jensen


    Thank you for the details.

    As I am currently not ready to push the next release for Content Aware Sidebars, here are 2 things you can try now:


    Download the latest version of freemius: https://github.com/Freemius/wordpress-sdk/archive/1.2.3.zip
    And paste the contents of the folder wordpress-sdk-1.2.3 into /wp-content/plugins/content-aware-sidebars/lib/freemius
    That should fix the problems you get when deploying/cloning, and it will also improve memory usage.


    Go to the Plugins screen in the admin dashboard and scroll down to Content Aware Sidebars.
    You should see an “Opt out” link below it. Clicking on that should effectively disable the functionality of freemius.

    Please let me know if this helps!

    Hi @ve6304, I stumbled upon this thread after receiving a Google Alert notice and wanted to step in. My name is Vova Feldman and I’m the CEO at Freemius. I wanted to personally let you know that we are taking your feedback very seriously. Our latest SDK release resolves multiple file-disk changes and cloning edge cases. Most likely, it will fix the problem you’re facing with the deployments as well. Also, we made a revamp in our localization logic which reduces the memory consumption significantly.

    If I understand correctly, you have a local/staging -> production set up? If that’s the case, you can either wait until @intoxstudio release a new version with the updated SDK. Or follow his suggestion and temporarily replace the SDK with our latest version. If you go with the replacement, make sure you do it in your local/staging environment, otherwise, the next deployment will override the SDK in production.

    After moving to the new SDK, it would be great to get an update in this thread regarding the issue and memory usage. And if something is still not working as expected, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly via [support AT freemius DOT com] and we will work with you to fix all the issues.

    Thanks for your patience!

    @intoxstudio thanks for your help and @svovaf thanks for stepping in.

    I replaced Content Aware Sidebars 3.7.1 with my (temp) clone Content Aware Sidebars 3.7.2-alpha.1 (Content Aware Sidebars 3.7.1 w/ Freemius 1.2.3) and pushed it to production (no other changes).

    First results
    – No Freemius related error messages
    – First 30 minutes: memory consumption is stable and dropped w/ 10% (as opposed to the normal memory consumption)
    – Next 30 minutes: memory consumption increased w/ 20% but is stable (so is now 10% above normal)

    I’m curious for the next 24 hours. I’ll monitor closely and keep you in the know.

    P.S. It looks like a DotBot (visited after the first 30 minutes) is responsible for the memory increase – I/m investigating

    My final conclusion. The temporary memory consumption jumps are most likely not related to Freemius /CAS. The memory consumption remains stable.

    @intoxstudio & @svovaf thanks again and good luck!

    @ve6304 thanks for the update – and happy we managed to resolve those issues for you 🙂

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