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  • Unfortunately, this is just another plugin where it’s a demo on download. If you actually want it to function as a rental plugin, you have to buy add-ons. The fact that something as simple as availability checking has to be bought for $40 is quite frustrating and should not be allowed on a repository where “free and open source” is the M.O.

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    You call it a plague of the .org repo and yet you give this plugin a 5 star review?

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    No offense but do you realize how much time and work it is to develop, maintain and support such plugins? This is a full time job. 40€ is nothing, try to hire a developper and it will cost you 100x this price 🙂

    Anyway, open source doesn’t mean free! There is a lot of work behind those plugins.


    Actually yes, I do. No offense taken.

    Then put it in CodeCanyon, or market it in other ways.

    Don’t get me wrong…I know a lot of work goes into these plugins. I know that the developer deserves their dues on plugins they build. I’m not sitting here expecting everything to be free while I go and make money off of client’s projects.

    But any developer that I’ve ever met that comes to this repo, is specifically looking for free solutions. Either they’ve exhausted their budget and literally have no money to put towards another plugin, or they know that no matter what they find, they’ll have to heavily customize it to fit their client’s needs — Or a combination of both situations.

    Plus, there are so many crap plugin companies in this repo, that fail to keep their plugin up-to-date, or they conveniently “forget” to answer a refund request, when the user realized that the plugin did not do what was needed to be done, or the plugin turns out to be a nightmare to edit the proper way (hooks, template structures, etc). These are questions that normally cannot be answered until the full plugin is digested by the user…

    I’m not saying you’re one of those crap companies, at all.

    I’m saying that it’s a leap of faith any time that I’m forced into a corner here, forced to buy basic functionality on a plugin (seriously, “availability management” is what makes a rental plugin a rental plugin. Otherwise you’re just buying a product, while filling in dates. You can’t have rentals being booked online, if you can’t block other users from renting the same date. That is a logistics nightmare waiting to happen).

    The leap of faith has never turned out well, and I’m tired of it. I have always ended up needing to request a refund, or having to write-off the purchase, because the developer magically disappeared when I realize that it’s not the plugin I need, or it doesn’t work. This repo has a very large “free” aura around it, and I’m getting tired of feeling like it’s nothing but a bait-and-switch.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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