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  • I am a WordPress rookie, so let’s start with that. Please be kind with your answers and suggestions because most of what I read here I do not even understand.

    My need is simple…

    I need to allow freelancers into my WordPress account to create landing pages using Optimize Press. But, for obvious reasons, I do not want them to have access to ANYTHING ELSE inside my account, such that they could delete other pages, create users, or otherwise sabotage anything.

    A simple and logical request, no?

    Would this plugin allow me to accomplish my goal?


    – Brent

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  • Plugin Author Vladimir Garagulia


    Hi Brent.

    I think you do not need User Role Editor for that as WP has such roles already.
    Allow new users to register as the “Author” – standard WordPress role (Settings->General->New User Default Role). With this role user may edit, publish, delete his own posts only.

    If you wish to moderate all new posts, then select the “Contributor” role for your untrusted users.


    Hi Vladimir,

    Unfortunately, I think that is incorrect. (Remember I am talking about “pages” and not “posts.”)

    In my testing, Authors have NO access any Pages at all, so that user role does not work at all.

    And Editors, unfortunately have access to ALL pages, whether the Editor is the author of the page or not.

    So, I still need a solution to my original problem.

    Thanks for your help.

    – Brent

    Plugin Author Vladimir Garagulia


    Hi Brent

    Create new role, with the same capabilities list as the ‘Author’ role has, but with ‘pages’ inside:


    I am sorry, but I do not see any way to create a new role. I have looked and looked, but I do see that function at all.

    I am a rookie with WordPress, but fairly technology-savvy. But I see no way to add a new role.

    – Brent

    Plugin Author Vladimir Garagulia


    As you write here, I was sure you installed User Role Editor plugin.
    If you did not install it, make it now. Then select the “Users=>User Role Editor” menu item, click “Add Role”, include above capabilities to it.

    Now that makes more sense. 😉

    I’ll give it a try!

    (I had not yet installed it because of your first reply that I didn’t really need it.)

    Thanks, Vlad.

    – Brent

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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