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    I recently signed up for the web version of Word press, and I was just wondering if it is all free and whatnot. Stupid question, I know, just this seems like a really good service and I was just wondering if it stays free.

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  • Yup. Free.

    Come again? WordPress is a program that is run on a webhosting package to provide a BLOG. The Forums here are run using bbPress and the only “web version” of WP I know is wordpress.com and this forum has nothing to do with that site.


    Basically what I was asking was if when it said on http://wordpress.org/ when it states “To get started with WordPress, set it up on a web host for the most flexibility or get a free account on WordPress.com.” if it was actually free. Like I said, stupid question. Just seems to good to be true.

    Again which part are you referring to? If you ask about the get a free account on WordPress.com – as Cypher said above: this forum has nothing to do with that site.

    Oh, ok, sorry about that. I just clicked support to ask a question and this forum is what I got. I apologize for the thread. A mis-understanding.

    WordPress.com is indeed a free site and you can have them setup a blog for you very easily and quickly. Though you need some sort of an invitation or something, having not dealt with it, I’m not 100% certain.

    Think of it as a Blogger.com equivalent, except running WP as the software.

    There is some connection between WordPress.org and WordPress.com, but any and all support related to WordPress.com is dealt elsewhere. That’s what Moshu and I were trying to convey.


    “I apologize for the thread. A mis-understanding.”

    Don’t worry. There’s nothing that warrents an apology on your part. WordPress, the software, is free to download and use. WordPress.com, the blog host managed and run by the developers of WP, is also free.

    So in a nutshell, they’re both free.

    Yeah, I think the regulars here need to take a deep breath before answering posts like this.

    This person made a perfectly understandable mistake about the relationship between wordpress.org and wordpress.com

    You’re not helping wordpress (org or com) if you turn away new/potential wordpress users by snapping at them for being… new.

    A simple, “read the FAQ” would have been good enough.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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