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  • Recently I created a WP theme for this person ( ) and it didn’t really take a long time.

    I got some free time, so, I offer a free (as in no charge) service to create a WP theme. Here are some rules to be followed point by point.

    1. Give me a mockup, or a realistic, detailed concept, or a theme from another blog engine, or a static html. I’m more of a web programmer than a web designer, so don’t force my creativity.

    2. All images need to be provided by you. I can do some basic photoshop, but then again, I’m not a graphic designer.

    3. The theme will be plugin-independent. Meaning, don’t ask to many custom features.

    4. A theme most likely will take a day if there’s no queue.

    5. I will come up with other rules on the fly as I see it fit.

    6. I retain the right to reject any request. No explanation given.

    7. I don’t charge, but if you feel the urge, the money should go here:

    Last but not least, if you request this service, do the following.
    1. Bump this thread so that others have a chance to see it. Bump if and only if you send a request for service.

    2. Email me at alphaoide a..t.. gmail dot c o m with details.

    Have a great summer, everyone!

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  • Alphaoide++++

    What the heck did NM just say?

    Moderator James Huff


    NM just congratulated Alphaoide by giving him 4 ‘+’ symbols. I would like to do the same.


    I’ll just slip the geek version:



    A theme most likely will take a day if there’s no queue.

    You work fast!

    Whatever, I can just say the same what the others did, Alphaoide++++ 😀

    He really did a great job! See my blog [ It would of took me forever and I’m forever greatfull that he was able to code it for me! Thanks a million!

    Not to take anything away from alphaoide, but more to help clarify his point, Running Spirit provided the template, that is, the purply striped background with the two content boxes, and needed help fitting WP into the design. Which is alphaoide’s point. (I think). Got a design, just don’t know how to get the code into it? See alphaoide.

    Very nice gesture.

    Got a design, just don’t know how to get the code into it? See alphaoide.

    Well, this is sort of my expectation. But, I don’t think most people are capable of mocking up like what RunningSpirit did. So, I’m lenient enough that you could just come up with some written, detailed, website concept of what goes where, provide me links to free images you want to use and I’ll make it happen for you.

    But honestly, image manipulation/preparation takes most of the time of creating a wp theme. Probably, any of you graphic designer wants to lend some hands?

    I’ll help with some things. But honestly, my experience has been, that even though doing it for free, expectations still can be very high, or worse, the effort is expended, my time is used, and then I never hear from the person again. Not always, and I’ve met some very nice people.

    But if someone has an image and it needs modded to work for a theme, drop me a line at–>

    Thanks for the help in customizing my theme. You are wonderful.

    Incredibly helpful so far, far exceeding my expectations. Thanks!!!!!

    Are you able to do this from a PSD?

    Are you able to do this from a PSD?

    Do what? Converting PSD mockup to an actual WP theme? Yes.

    I may be interested in this then, but would we be able to give special instructions? For instance, the design I have features a static “top story” section – would you be able to allow for me to edit that part OUTSIDE of WordPress?

    Outside of wordpress? You mean just by opening the file with a text editor and update that static section? No problemo, at all.

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