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  • Hi all,

    We’ve just released a new free WordPress theme called “Jambo”.

    You can see a demo of it here as well as download it right now.

    Jambo is a simple, yet universal design style good for blogs of all styles. It is packed with some great typography, options, and CMS enabling features. It also comes in 4 flavors.


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    All of our themes are licensed under the GPL
    I’ll add to the functions.php for clarification.

    You should probably add license.txt file to the package as well.

    Jambo is a great theme, using it for my blog now. But I need the sidebar on the “single” and “archive” pages too. Currently the sidebar is only on the homepage. I can’t find out how to enable it on the other sites, too. Can anybody help?


    Can you share a link so I can see what you’ve got?
    The single.php should display like so:
    Are you wanting to ad the narrow “Ad” sidebar as well?



    Hi simplethemes, I’m using jambo theme on a few of my websites and am really liking it.

    I do have one question though. How can I adjust the column width of the main page such that it matches the column width of all the other pages on the site? When I create a new page, the page is broken down with a left column that is about 80% width, and a right column that is about 20%. However, on the main page the left column and right column are both about 50%. I’m trying to make the main page the same dimensions as the other pages (roughly 80/20).

    I’ve scoured through the template files, css files, etc and I can’t find where this is set. Do you recall how it’s set up?



    Hi Vcize, The best thing to do is just delete the home.php file.

    The home page uses a slightly different layout for the featured video widget and google ads, seen on the demo.

    Hey hey.

    Just started messing around with Jambo today, I have to say so far it’s pretty nice.

    I’ve found a few issues though.

    First, the footer.php widgets are all set to Bottom1 by default. I changed the other two to Bottom2/Bottom3 and the widget areas work great.

    Second, when displaying posts, it is not auto adding return characters.

    For instance, a post that looks like this in the editor:

    “Hello World,

    My name is Bret.

    I like WordPress”

    Is displayed like this.

    “Hello World, My name is Bret. I like WordPress”.

    I have to manually enter break lines or other HTML to get the returns. Is there any way around this? I’ve never had to do this before with a theme.


    Simplethemes, thanks for this nice simple theme. I’m having one problem though. The tabs at the top are showing up for each category I create. How can I change this to behave like your demo? Specifically, how do I create tabs and how to I create sub menus from those tabs.

    Thanks in advance.

    Scratch that… I figured it out. You have to name the Menu “Top Menu” and all is well.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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