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  • No offense… but since you are here on this forum for 40 minutes – I’d still advise new users to try the
    At least we know who are the people behind that initiative.

    i just read that they charged for certain installs, we do not…which is why i made the post. Sorry if it seems like am intruding, but its the goal of our site to help those who do not know much about website systems.

    i just read that they charged for certain installs

    I don’t think that’s a true statement. And, please, don’t even try to argue about it! I am fast with the delete button…

    You are not “intruding” – it’s just that the volunteers at install4free are trusted members of the community and were nominated by their peers.

    All I wanted in my post above: to warn users to be cautious when handing over their login info to strangers.

    Hello Moshu, we put in a request with install4free yesterday. With a free offer like that, they must be very busy, but can you give us an idea of how long it takes for them to get back to us?

    We tried for a long while to install it ourselves but we get a 404 Error whe we try to preview the post in the new blog, so we’ve done at least one thing wrong.

    Anne & Larry

    Alright Moshu, if thats the reason for your post i can understand that. And am not trying to argue or test your patience, but we have nothing to benefit from tampering with people’s trust in us if we want to survive long as a site. And I we do want to stick around, i have installed sites for people who found the service so exemplary that they helped pay for our hosting for a couple of months. People can always google our name, if we have deceived people in the past it would be evident somewhere on the web. I hope to do some installs for people in this community and through that gain if just a little bit of your confidence.

    Personally, I have no reason to doubt your good and honest intentions in helping new users. I just learnt to be cautious because during the almost 4 years spent around here I have seen very strange postings fishing for clients…
    You don’t have to gain my confidence – but that of the community. It, usually, happens by hanging around and helping in the forums.

    Anne & Larry,
    There is no set timeline for response. Hopefully, they will get back to you soon.

    Frankly, I would no more provide my information to you than I would a complete stranger. But then, youre a complete stranger, with a site that points back to what looks like Nuke, and among other things advertises that it’s a gaming clan site.

    There are hundreds of daily posters on this forum with super egos that are, quite frankly, well deserved egos, that come with much better cred.

    Good morning everyone, I would just like to say that I am working in Internet Marketing and requeted help from the guys at brainworks. Mysite is add the www if you want, but I am Irish working in Lithuania and could not get the help needed due to language barriers. All I can say is that within two hours my wordpress problems were sorted by them, thanks Casper. I found them to be cordial and professional with no backend gimmicks. Credit where credit is due.
    Kieron Lyons

    I took advantage of WordPress’ offer to install it for me and I had excellent service.

    They responded to my email immediately and it was done in a couple of days, maybe even one day.

    That is why I’m reluctant to upgrade because I know I will screw things up.

    And they didn’t charge a dime either.

    @annenlarry – if you didn’t receive an email (it is rare for a request not to be addressed within 2-4 hours) check your spam filters. If necessary post another request at

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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