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    If you are looking for self hosting on your own domain, then you can try, the following two:

    1. ByetHost
    2. XMGFree


    usually with FREE hosts, you cannot do much or any customization to your blog. so, you might be stuck with what they offer in terms of themes and not be able to change theirs out with one that get modified or is a new release found at “”

    The links in my above posts, are not the one who provides “Shared Pre-installed WordPress” or other Blogging Services like blogsome. blogger etc.

    But those represents the real Web Hosting Services, where you gets a “Free sub-Domain and Web space”, control panel, ftp services etc. Or if you have your own “Domain name” you can get that installed with them. They will provide you Free Web Space.

    Like you get the services from Paid-up Hosting.

    After this you can install WordPress or Forum Softwares like phpBB, IPB, vBulletin etc.

    Once your site is up and WordPress is installed, you can insatll themes, plugins etc.

    Least to say, you get all the services “which comes in the paid Domain and Web Hosting package.” at FREE with a sub-Domain.

    Rok: it would be intersting to really see if the service is FREE. i mean, you say the domain and hosting are free, i am not debating that, but i would like to see if after a a couple months who actually “owns” the domain that you registered through them if you decide to move to another hosting service. i bet you there are some fine details that need clarification. if it were me, i would want full rights to my domain and if they offer it for free there has to be a catch somewhere.

    DesignPastor – I think some confusion there, I meant you get FREE sub-Domain and Web Space.
    for e.g.

    Here xyz represents the sub-domain of your choice. Once you select that becomes your real-time URL. And you can access your site using “ or“.

    And you manages your entire site, control panel, ftp, SQL DB etc.

    Secondly, if you own a Top Level Domain e.g. etc. and cann’t afford paid services, just get your Domain “” Host with them, they will provide you FREE Web Space and all other services.

    Basically a very Good option for those, who want to have their own real time installation & Web Hosting. But cann’t affoard PAID HOSTING SERVCIES.

    For more info, visit:

    1. ByetHost
    2. XMGFree

    ROK: okay … I better understand the “FREE” part in your above posts.

    I guess that would be a good solution for maybe a personal site or a test site. The only thing to consider if you were to go this route, and this only comes from my personal experience, you cannot do too much complaining if your services seem slow or hiccups happen – cause you are getting the web storage FREE in the first place.



    The best free host that I have found is at (US based and AU based hosting).

    They have a fantastico based WordPress install as well (automatic, creates the databases and directory/files/etc for you).

    well well the free plan that offer is sold out! can you alf or anyone else give me another one like jumba, please!

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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