• One star is a harsh verdict, I admit that. Is the plugin that bad? Honestly, I don’t know. The limit of 500 urls does not allow for any further tests. It’s simple as that. Other have said this before, and I fully aggree: A free plugin should be useful, even if the author offers a PRO version of it.

    In addition to that, The results do not convince me at all. The plugin performed the test in less than 5 minutes. It found more than 21000 links and around 300 dead links. That is impressive. I didn’t even know that we have so many links. Well, we don’t have that many links. A quick check revealed that the plugin counts the very same dead link in the footer for each and every page. Seriously?

    So, I rate this plugin one star for really not being more than a trial version of the PRO. This would be ok on a commercial website, but should not be offered in the WordPress repository.

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