• Some of our clients websites relied on HappyForms until they made some of the most basic features paid. Removing formerly free feature is unacceptable and really bad business.

    If you’re looking for a alternative: we recommend Contact Form 7 combined with the Plug-In „Material Design For Contact Form 7 – Legacy“

    Update: So happy to delete this Plug-In from 6 more websites.

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  • Hey @bauhaus-design 👋

    We’re so sorry to have let you down! As we mentioned in our email, we made this really hard decision to remove several features because without such action we couldn’t go on offering the free plugin at all.

    So sorry!

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    Spare us those answers. It’s easy to see that you wanted to collect positive reviews first and now demand high prices.

    Selling a product is completely legitimate, so do we. But to make it available free of charge and then charge for it after an update is an insolence.

    Using your products is an incalculable risk for every user.

    Hey @bauhaus-design,

    This is Drew, owner of The Theme Foundry. I promise you we had no master plan to collect positivities reviews first and demand high prices. We assumed more people would upgrade HappyForms, but we were clearly wrong. We had less than 50 paying users on a plugin that would cost $15,000 in annual development support and maintenance. That development cost doesn’t include any new features, just maintenance, answering support questions, and keeping up to date with WordPress. Our choice was to shut it down or get more customers to pay for it by moving more features to paid only. With that being said, I understand if you don’t believe me and are done with HappyForms and The Theme Foundry. I’m sorry we let you down.

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