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  • I am using your free version. I like your calendar, but not providing recurring events with the free version is a vital omission that annoys me constantly since I only have four recurring events, and I must re-enter all four of them individually every week.

    I understand why you did this. You are hoping the constant annoyance of having to do this will drive me to pay extra money for the “convenience” of having this “must-have” feature. Unfortunately I refuse to be nickel-and-dimed to death by paying extra money to get a single feature which I feel should have been included in the basic version.

    It’s kind of like giving the user a car with only 2 of 4 cylinders working. Yeah, it’s drivable but inefficient. It’s not as minimally functional as one would normally expect. The user must pay extra to get 4 of 4 cylinders working.

    As I said, I like your calendar and I’m using it because I have nothing else to use, but it constantly annoys me every time I have to enter my four recurring events individually.

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  • Plugin Author Barry


    Hi @madrook,

    Thanks for posting this review: it’s great to hear that you enjoy using The Events Calendar though, of course, we’re sad to hear you feel the omission of recurring events functionality (and its inclusion in our premium plugin, Events Calendar PRO) is an attempt to nickel and dime you.

    Naturally, we do hope that those users who require the functionality offered by our range of premium plugins will see the value they offer and invest in them: it’s how we make money and that’s what drives further development and support of The Events Calendar itself.

    It’s worth pointing out here that the code that drives recurring event functionality is complex: recurrence is the flagship feature of Events Calendar PRO and it provides a feature rich implementation that requires ongoing maintenance and support. That comes with a significant cost and we can’t just give that away, much as we might like to: we’d go out of business.

    I must re-enter all four of them individually every week.

    If you do decide to invest in Events Calendar PRO then you’ll have this covered (and more!) however if this is the only thing that’s lacking perhaps you can use a suitable post duplicator plugin to help with this task, at no extra cost?

    Thanks for your reply, Barry.
    “Events” are not “posts”, so I haven’t figured out a good way to copy and paste them in an easy manner yet. But I do appreciate your attempt to supply me with an alternative.

    I of course understand that you need to stay in business. I am an amateur website administrator, and I am using various plug-ins that do the bare minimum of what I need and all of these plug-ins want more money just to get the “expected” features that I really do need. That’s where the “nickel and dime” term comes from.

    Thanks again, and I DO like your calendar.

    Plugin Author Barry



    To clarify something, events are posts: not blog posts, of course, but they are a custom post type which we register with WordPress, live in the same database table and most things that you can do with other posts can be done with events.

    I can’t vouch for any of the above, particularly the latter two which are not actively maintained and so may not work with current versions of The Events Calendar – but they could certainly be worth a try 🙂

    I hope that helps!

    Hi Barry,

    Duplicate TEC Events is “maintained”. I recently verified that it was still working and updated the changelog to reflect it. I am not currently actively using the plugin. If anyone wants access to provide updates I am happy to give access, or if the issue is easily duplicatable and I have time I can provide an update.

    Plugin Author Barry


    Thanks for the note, Ben – that’s great to hear!

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