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  • Like the title says, free version is crippled beyond usefullness in evaluating the product. Nearly every setting other than the default given requires the pro upgrade or an “extension”. The functionality is barely useful as is, not helpful in comparing to the numerous other booking systems that are available.

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    I’ll regret this, I’m sure.

    The plugin page has a lengthy list of what this version provides and what the “premium” version (not here) provides. Are you saying that the first list isn’t correct?

    Thanks for responding. I guess all I am saying is that a list of features is one thing. Being able to at least demo the plugin hands-on before buying is another. I can’t even begin to evaluate the product without seeing how the back end works. Most plugins I end up purchasing for my clients allow at least some functionality in a free/trial version. My client, who is going to be using the booking function, wants to test drive it before she buys. Without that capability, I will be forced to look into other offerings. Wish I didn’t have to do that because she thinks this one would be a good fit.

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    Jan Dembowski, please don’t ever regret speaking your mind, and being accountable for it. I respect your opinion, and hope you’ll do the same for mine.

    The reason I don’t see the demo as a way to do an adequate evaluation is because in my many years working with WordPress, I have come across too many variables in configurations and implementation to believe a plugin will work for my client without testing in that particular environment. A Demo is like a lab experiment setup expressly to have the plugin work in that specific environment. It is not tested against all hosting configurations, WordPress versions, themes or with other plugins that might interfere with it. And there are preferences the client may have that may not be allowed by a plugin or may stretch their budget to make the coding customization. There are so many ways to do the same thing, and nearly as many that will fail to work or simply fail to be supported in the long run. As a professional, one has to make a decision that effects their client and one’s own reputation, so the ability to thoroughly test in the environ to be used is required. Testing crippled versions and looking at a demo does not fit that requirement. Like Timbo9799, I too am forced to look for other offerings because of this.

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    Hi everyone.

    We suggest forum moderators to remove such reviews. This user doesn’t rate the free version, he/she rated the difference of free and premium versions, WHAT KIND OF REVIEW IS THIS? REVIEW FOR DIFFERENCE

    A lot of people are using this plugin and they are satisfied and love this plugin, so it is not fair to rate it just for difference.

    We already left post in support forum, and you can check it below.

    We know that the free and premium versions are different with their functionalities, but for future developing we need a team, the team need a money:) so it is simple.

    Look, the functionality for booking events is available for both versions, but there are some options that exist only in premium version.

    Just for suggestion. Can you check how many options are free and how many options are premium?

    If you just check it, you will never say “zero functionality included”.


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    I never said it had zero functionality. I stated “free version is crippled beyond usefulness in evaluating the product” and I stand by that. A large majority of the useful options, ones that are of interest and drew me to it in the first place, are behind a paywall. I simply point that out and rated the free version accordingly.

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    Hi dear tgrblogger.

    You didn’t say it, you agree with user Timbo9799, so it’s the same.

    It’s your right to rate our plugin, but we think it should be relevant review first of all. You rate plugin for feature that doesn’t exist in free version. You can rate for bad support or for bugs, but not for feature that doesn’t exist in free version. By the way, you could rate for existing features and functionalities.

    Again, as we say it’s your right, we respect your opinion and WordPress rules.

    Thanks for review anyway and have a great day.

    Well, I certainly didn’t mean to create a firestorm, here. I apologize if it appears I was disparaging the product itself. I am sure that it is a very good offering, as is confirmed by the reviews. All I was looking for was a fully functional sandbox environment so that I could confirm that the product was capable of doing what my clients were asking for. In hindsight, I should have just listed my questions in the appropriate section of the forum and left it at that. Mea culpa! 🙂

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    Thanks a lot for understanding our position.

    Have a great day.

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