• Another of these “wow, use this plugin for free!” scams. I downloaded it from the woocommerce-shop where it is advertised as free. But after installing and configuring everything, it says “yes, that’s fine, now you can start your free trial.” but you don’t see any price information. Usually I would give this to a lawyer because this is a scam. Since this is normal behaviour by woocommerce, I’ll just delete this and the whole shop. Thanks for making this decision easier for me.

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    Hi Micha

    To explain:

    The plugin (what you download and install) is FREE. The service behind the plugin that provides the synchronization to Amazon/eBay is a paid subscription (with a 30 day free trial that provides full, unlimited access for 30 days).

    WordPress/WooCommerce REQUIRE that the PLUGIN is priced (as opposed to the service). Whilst we agree this can be misleading, it is beyond our control. We have done our best to communicate this – if you look at the plugin page here https://woocommerce.com/products/amazon-ebay-integration/ we state twice above the fold of the page that the plugin is free/service is paid:

    To provide integration services that perform sufficiently for professional sellers (no oversell, real time orders and product updates) it takes a lot of expensive AWS server resources. Providing a real-time synchronization service to Amazon/eBay can never be free and users should be wary about any product/service that claims to offer such.

    Codisto pricing starts at $29/month (plus a small transaction fee) or $59/month fixed. We believe this is tremendous value for the automation provided (listing + price/product/inventory/order sync allowing automation of any number of Amazon/eBay channels and WooCommerce). It unlocks one of the fastest ways to increase sales for online sellers.

    To negatively ‘review’ a plugin/service simply because there is confusion about pricing is completely misleading in our view and harms many other sellers that can benefit from something that is sorely needed for WordPress/WooCommerce. We request you think of the community you are harming and remove the review until you have actually experienced the product.

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