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  • First off, Smush functionally worked well – installation was easy and setup was a breeze. As a test, I loaded my standard PSP-enhanced images and “smushed” them – virtually no space savings, 1.X% at best. So then I loaded in the un-edited, bloated original images and let Smush have a go at them – the results were a bit better, about 9% space savings. The only problem is that the edited images were 37-45K and the unedited ones were 200K+, so you’re far better off doing some graphic tweaking on your own, at least for the Free version.

    All this is forgivable, but each and every time I would load up the WP Admin Dashboard, there would be a “Buy the Pro Version of Smush” nagware item on the dashboard. I would dismiss it, and the next time it would be right back there nagging me. Dismiss it again – yep, it comes right back like a zombie penny that just won’t give up the ghost.

    If not for the nagware, I would give Smush 4/5 just for effort and the assumption that the Pro version does much better, but I literally had to delete it just to get rid of the constant nagging.

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  • Plugin Author Umesh Kumar


    Hey @slango,

    Thanks for your review. I’d like to help out with the issue you’re having with dashboard notice for Smush.

    We’ve made sure that notice is dismissible and doesn’t causes any trouble to users. I just checked on my setup if it gets dismissed or not and it worked totally fine for me.

    So if it’s not working for you, it is probably because of some JS conflict, Can you spare some time to check web console to check if there is a error when you dismiss the notice.

    Also, we’ve fallback to dismiss the notice, you can add ?remove_smush_upgrade_notice=1 in the URL and press enter, and the notice won’t appear again.

    Let me know how it goes and how I can be of any help.

    Thanks, Umesh

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