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  • Actually, that thread gives you the answer. But it’s probably not the answer you wanted.

    Fortunately, the very latest update to s2Member Pro would enable you to achieve what you want. Now you can give someone a coupon code, which can give them whatever discount you want (including 100%), but has a limit (which you specify) to the number of times it can be used (e.g. 1).

    I do have PRO…

    The thread does not quite give me what I am looking for in terms of the rest of the answer – unless I am missing something. I just went back and re-read it. I think you might be referring to existing users using a NEW email address – which I am not concerned with as it is not in scope for this problem.

    I am talking about an existing user (free or paid) clicking on the link again to try to use the free trial again inside of the existing account – and perpetually getting free services.

    Basically: If they use it once, can they use it again within the same account?

    Coupons do not work for this instance (from what I could find to read) because Paypal requires a price – and I want this to be a free trial for new users without a Paypal requirement (think free user with a 30 day upgrade).

    I read the thread to say that such links could be used again (because there’s no effective means of restricting the link). Which, as I surmised, is not what you want.

    I don’t see why coupons won’t work. You just wouldn’t use a Free Registration form or button. You’d use a Level 1 or above form or button (perhaps your regular one) then make available coupons giving 100% off.

    Since the coupons can be restricted to one use, surely that gives you what you need. Doesn’t it?

    I appreciate your willingness to jump and and try to help. However, my research to this point has given me what my answer needs to be – I am just wanting to understand my exposure from doing it. As the exposure might lead me to not do it at all.

    My question does not relate to coupons and your answer does not take into account the limitations of coupons AND the payment processor. A coupon requires the user to still go through a checkout (in my case PayPal) – and I also want to avoid this.

    Coupons can only be applied to a paid level and Paypal does not allow for $0.00 sales. So a coupon does not fit the bill as it will fail flowing through Paypal. This could be old information, but it did not matter due to my not wanting to push the person through a checkout to get the free trial.

    I understand that my question does not list out all of these things – but this is because I am specifically looking for one portion of how a specific subset works and the extra background was not relevant.

    I will re-phrase my question so that I might be able to provide focus on specifically what I am looking to find out.

    What happens if I create a link that allows for 1 month of free access (no checkout required) and a current user (that has used the free trial once) tries to use the free trial again inside of their current account? Did they find a loophole to get free access, within their existing account, for as long as the free trial link exists? If not, how does s2member track this so that I can see it?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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