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  • I bought the theme, and there is a problem with the social media icons.

    The social media icons are not showing up on the website. I contacted the team, and they responded, that there is no SLA for the fix, we have contacted the technical team for the same.

    They also refused to refund my money back.

    I have filed a charge-back with paypal/Amex against this publisher.

    Had a very bad experience with these people. Do not trust them.

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    Social Media Icons in Bard PRO theme work 100% fine, please check out Theme Demo.

    In short, you had 3rd party plugin incompatibility issue and we are NOT supposed to give refunds in such cases, please read our Terms and Conditions. If the theme integrated Social Icons work fine but Icons added via 3rd party plugin don’t, then we are NOT responsible for that.

    Also, we’ve asked for your website username and password but you’ve provided wrong credentials so our technical team was not even able to try to help you.


    Hi team,

    I think there is a conflict with what you guys say, and display on your website.

    As per your website:

    Do you offer money back Guarantee?
    You are fully protected by our 100% Money Back Guarantee. If during the next 50 days you experience an issue that makes the theme unusable and we are unable to resolve it, we’ll happily consider offering a full refund of your money.

    I know, you guys won’t issue a refund. That’s the reason, we trust PayPal/Amex.

    Guys, reading this thread please be very careful while buying themes from WP Royal team.

    Hey @wproyal,

    Respond to the review however you feel is appropriate but any discussions about shared logins are not permitted in these forums, whatsoever. And I mean that. Don’t ask for logins, don’t talk about logins, don’t mention previously shared logins. I know you are aware of the rules about this. Avoid it in future.

    Theme Author WP Royal


    Hi @williampatton,

    FYI the login information was shared on our own Private Support Forum.

    Theme Author WP Royal


    Hi @samuruddin

    We have given refunds tens of times already and our Money Back guarantee works in a range of our Terms and Conditions.

    I repeat again: You had 3rd Party Plugin Compatibility issue and it’s NOT theme related. The theme itself works fine and you can’t say anything opposite about that. You have installed a Plugin which broke those Social Media Icons.

    Let’s say

    1. You bought a car from the dealer. Car looks and Works fine.
    2. Then you have installed custom modifications on your car engine.
    3. Car engine stopped working after you’ve made some custom changes.

    Now tell me, should dealer return your money back if you’ve broken car engine with your custom modifications?


    Hey @wproyal,

    I noticed that it was shared outside of the forums, I am just reminding you that such talk about it – even when talking about something outside the forums – is not allowed here. That is all. Enjoy your day!

    Hello WP Royal team,

    Seems like you guys are more active here, instead of support forums.
    I will leave it to other people, to read the review and decide for their own.

    FYI, Paypal closed the case, in my favor.

    Thanks Royal/Paypal team for your time and dedication.

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