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  • New to all this…currently working with free theme Evolve..had some trouble and got some help from the theme builder. Went to follow up on the thread and it was closed except to people that pay 5 bucks…so I sent money thru PayPal and still can’t get in to follow up. Anyone know what I am missing here…is this a scam? I really like the theme…just needing some help – which I was willing to pay to get!!!
    The above link is where I thought I was getting help…..
    Thanks for your responses!!

    From my email:

    There is a new comment on the post “EvoLve”.

    Author: Roman
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  • Everything works fine… just PayPal sucked and took a time while accepted and activated your account. You may login now there and get a support.

    Thanks for returning!!! This is frustrating! I sign in as per the email sign in info and get to the “Your Submissions” page…the Page is empty – no form there. Using the Theme4/Evolve page also gets me nowhere. I’m just trying to find the thread where I was posting my original questions and all the other comments there (including yours).

    Five bucks is nothing to pay for time..I would gladly donate more but not if I can’t use the theme. Sorry for my ignorance – but as I said this is all a new ballgame for me!

    BTW – the CSS fix to change the link color and hover from blue or yellow to orange didn’t work out.

    Thanks for the help…Cheers, Wes

    More: here’s what I get when I try getting in to the other page:
    Completed: Thank you for joining

    It looks like you are already a member of our site. Thank you very much for your support.

    If you are at this page because you would like to create another account, then please log out first.

    Man…just give me the step by step..obviously I’m an idiot or something doesn’t work properly!!!! Hahahaaa!!!

    you should be able to login here: and then add your comment in the evolve page. your account is active.

    What I get is a DashBoard and 4 of your comments as well as one from Barbara….in a list on the left of the page. There is no place to add comments …the Evolve page doesn’t do anything either.

    So- separate question since I can’t get in there…I went back in thru my FTP to look at the codes for the various colorways…If I replace the color hex numbers in one place I assume I have to change the color thru-out the library/media/layouts or it won’t work right? Again…just learning but now it’s becoming a mild obsession.

    sorry about that. i had turned off the plugin and you may ask again without a membership account..

    Back in…thanks….

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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