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    I see now that you added the attachment but this is now a monthly purchase option. I would write a simple form uploader (although I’m not really a coder) and then add it so people can at least at a simple doc or pdf to a form.

    Do you have a developer API and maybe some examples on how to add additional field types?

    Even Caldera Forms add a file uploader for free (the one I’ve been using up to now) and they only try to make money off really advanced features, like entry limiting, payment and other really advanced features.

    I’m not convinced something like a standard HTML file upload should be behind a paywall and especially not a monthly one.

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  • Josh from Caldera Forms here. John – If you like this plugin and it solves your problems and you’re planning on having it available to you in 6 months or a year or two years, I’d really encourage you to help support it by paying for it. You’re not just helping them improve the plugin, you’re sending a signal to a business that putting putting their resources into this plugin is a good idea.

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    $8.25 is the same price as Netflix in South African Rand, and I can promise you that I will get a lot more enjoyment out of Netflix streaming than uploading files. That’s why I am willing to attempt to write the file uploader and give it away for free, as I don’t feel that it should be behind a paywall. I really love this plugin’s interface and the way its integrated and it will be suitable for most websites anyways. I’ll then use Caldera for sites where I need more control.

    HappyForms should rather consider providing a basic file upload for free, and then put a super-duper advanced upgrade with file drag n drop, uploading progress, file renaming and even more advanced features into an upgraded file uploader.

    I definitely disagree that any form plugin always conveniently “forgets” to add the basic HTML file upload button. I mean even your plugin Josh has that feature built-in.

    Hey there, @brandbrilliance 👋

    So sorry you feel this way! We’d absolutely love to give everything away for free (really, we would!) but that’s not possible. In the end it becomes an Ouroboros problem, because without support of the paid product there’s no support of the free product.

    Almost all of these wonderful free products you see for WordPress only exist in the first place because of their paid companion upgrades. This is the nature of a commercial industry.

    Again, super-sorry we’ve let you down! I hope either HappyForms or Caldera Forms will work for you.

    @shelob9 Thank you so much for chiming in — appreciate that, Josh! 👍

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