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    Could be my setup but I have tried a few ups plugins that work fine but when I add a item with a ups shipping cost together with another item that has “free shipping”, my free shipping item is assigned a cost from ups. With your plugin could I still add small items like stickers to an order with free shipping and the regular ups cost for other items?


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    Our WooCommerce UPS Shipping plugin always connects to UPS servers to get the shipping rates. Shipping price will be calculated based on the weight of the cart. It means that your shipping rules may be overwritten.

    What solution are you using for assigning free shipping to specific products? Is it built-in WooCommerce solution or third-party plugin?

    Thanks for the response! I have tried the built in “free shipping” and also the “advanced free shipping” plugin.

    When I add both a ups & free shipping item both items are assigned a ups shipping cost OR both items are assigned “free shipping” so there are no shipping charges for the entire order.

    I tried using advanced free shipping and applying that to a category for my free ship items but no luck.

    I contacted woo and another developer and both said I need to buy a plugin where you can configure the boxes for shipping.

    Was hoping there was a way without updating ever product currently in the store.


    Plugin Support ospiotr


    Hello again, @virtualgeorge

    What method are you using to assign free shipping to a product? Are you you using a shipping class or third-party plugin? We are thinking about implementing a new feature: disabling free shipping in the case when there are free shipping products AND not-free shipping products in cart.

    Would this solve your issue?

    I tried the built in class & the advanced free shipping plugin.

    So if free shipping is disabled, would it then charge a shipping cost based on weight on the “free shipping” item if using one of the shipping plugins? Or would it NOT charge shipping for the free ship items only?

    We just need the ability to be able to add some smaller items to an existing order with no shipping cost at all on that free ship item only if possible.

    One more thing, how would I find the ID of my free shipping class to use in a function?


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    So, you want to achieve something like below:

    You have a product assigned to free shipping, and you want that your customers adds few light items to that free package? And the shipping stays free for this cart? A I right?

    You will find shipping class ID in the databse:

    Sorry I didn’t explain it clearly.
    We have a site selling auto parts and most are heavy so never shipped free, they ship via ups shipping.

    We also have some shirts, hats & stickers that we ship for free.

    So product #1 heavy auto parts require paid shipping & product #2 light items like hats & stickers that ship for free.

    As long as you don’t combine the 2 above products in the same order, each will calculate fine.

    However, if they have a large auto part in the cart and then ADD a free ship item to that order, the free ship item is then charged the UPS shipping rate, no longer is it free. Its only free shipping if ONLY free shipping orders are in the cart.

    Sometimes I noticed it would also just apply free shipping to the entire cart when I had mixed heavy items & free ship items in the same order.

    So say we have part# 1 $100 & $15 ups shipping.
    Total $115.

    We want the customer to then be able to add part# 2 a hat to the order for $10 but with no shipping so should calulate as:

    part 1 $100 (ups ship class)
    part 2 $10 (free ship class)
    shipping total for both $15 (no shipping on part #2)

    Total: $125.00

    Make sense?


    Plugin Support ospiotr


    Thanks for the explanation.

    I think that our another plugin – Flexible Shipping would be great for you. You would a PRO version which supports shipping classes. Please contact me here for more information, because we can’t discuss it on these forums.

    I found the advanced shipping packages plugin that did the trick. Its easy now to use any combination of shipping options for products in the same order but it was hard to find that plugin lol.

    Plugin Support ospiotr


    I’m happy that you’ve managed to found a solution which solves your problem. Please note that if you find Advanced Shipping Packages plugin insufficient for your needs, you can always use Flexible Shipping, which has a really great potential.


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