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    On my website, I offer free shipping with orders over 150.000 cop (I’m in Colombia) and shipping is only offered within this country.

    Departamentos y Ciudades de Colombia para Woocommerce is the plug in I using to allow the states (Departamentos) and cities to be included in WooCommerce for Colombia.

    I have my shipping zones set up accordingly to the states (Departamentos) and within each zone, I offer free shipping among other methods. Please note that within the states, some cities are considered special deliveries therefore, the cost of deliver is higher so I have those cities added to the option of Shipping Filter by Cities to include the special fee for those particular cities BUT I don’t want to offer free shipping to those cities selected.

    During checkout, if the cart has an amount over 150.000 it automatically offers free shipping even though one selects a city with special delivery.

    My question is can this plug-in allow to exclude certain cities from free shipping while the zone has free shipping included?

    I thank you in advance.

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    Using the ‘City’ condition you can include/exclude certain cities from matching for a given Advanced Free Shipping rate.





    I wanted to thank you for your upmost attention.

    In regards to you response, I have configured one of the states excluding the cities I don´t want to offer Free Shipping and It seems to be working accordingly.
    I really appreciate your support!

    I just wanted to mention, that while inserting the cities manually, One must use the EXACT form of spelling of the city that is used by the other plug in Departamentos y Ciudades de Colombia para Woocommerce that I’m using in order to function.
    I found out by trial and error. A couple of the cities have a lower case letter for the first letter of the word and I was typing the cities all with Upper case letter for the first letter. FYI

    I have a little work to do now by configuring the rest of the states 🙂

    Once again, I really appreciate your support!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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