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  • A lot of WordPress users are looking for a SEO Optimized theme, not to be confused with SEO friendly theme.

    Most of the time, SEO friendly certainly refers to SE friendly (Search Engine friendly) and that can be just done by activating the WordPress URL Friendly to get Permalinks. So SEO friendly could be named more precisely as SE Friendly.

    SEO Optimized theme is something else as that kind of theme has to take into account a set of SEO rules to follow in the purpose of rank higher in search engine than if you don’t follow such SEO rules.

    As said in other WordPress topic, and I’ll recap there, there’s just a couple of simple SEO rules that can be easily follow to be better ranked.

    To list some of the SEO rules that are the easiest to implement, you have:

    1)What has to be in the HTML page content
    – title with the keyword set
    – meta content keyword with the keyword set
    – meta content description with the keyword set
    – H1 with the keyword set as the first item that will be seen by SE
    – H2 with the keyword set as the second item
    – P with the keyword set in the 1st sentense of the text content
    – P with the keyword set at the middle of the text content
    – P with the keyword set in the last of the text content
    – Complemented by a bold or i, an emphasing html tag

    2) What has to be at the level of your URL
    – Having the keyword set in the domain name or the subdomain
    – Having the keyword set as part of the folder just under the hostname
    – Having the keyword set as part of the filename

    3) What other things more difficult to implement
    There’re other SEO stuffs too that are more link to how your inter-links your web sites to others, plus the level of your PR, link popularity and link reputation

    So it means that SEO rules listed in point 1 are quite easy to follow. It just takes some time if you need to spend doing that on each page and rebuild a theme by yourself. So to avoid losing your time and may be not implementing so well, it’s something wiser to use a WordPress theme that already take into account all those basic SEO rules. That’s the reason a SEO Optimized wordpress theme is a must have in this case.

    There’re a very efficient SEO Optimized theme located at URLs:

    It’s 2 WordPress themes based on the same engine. One is for niche content web site, the other for blog usage.

    Both include all the basic SEO rules listed in point 1, so you just need to focus on your content.

    Ad Flex Niche and Ad Flex blog are also Adsense friendly wordpress themes, a logical of SEO Optimized and Adsense ready wordpress theme is quite logical, as one would like to rank high for earning traffic and money from the natural traffic through search engines.

    There’s something useful too in Ad Flex as it comes with an exhaustive list of customization parameters that lets the user changes a lot of things via the WordPress Dashboard / Presentation / Ad Flex Options panel.

    You can of instance:
    – put your Adsense code or any other Ad banners
    – change the height of the banner, the top bar, bottom bar, footer bar, etc.
    – change the color of each item of the theme
    – show/hide the different sections of the sidebar
    – change the width of the sidebar, the color, background, etc.

    There’re also some funny features like:
    – you can put several banner images and one will be selected randomly and displayed
    – you can add several background and the same random effect will be performed
    – you can add 8 or more small images and have 8 images that are displayed in a random way

    Best of all, the SEO Adsense ready WordPress theme Ad Flex is FREE because it was developed by a tech lab by tech guys, and they know more the tech aspects than any marketing guys. That’s the reason if I have to trust the efficiency of a SEO optimized WordPress theme, I would bet on the work of a tech lab than a hyped marketing products.

    Anyway, better to have a look for yourself and directly content them if you need any questions and clarification:

    All the best!

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  • It seems very attracting, thank you very much. I will try and post my feedback soon.

    Your should also “optimize” the webpage you linked to: make the links a different colour, so we don’t have to ‘hunt’ for them 🙂

    re: adsense and images you should be aware of the new rules:

    There’s a new version that will solve the issue with the new Google Adsense rules regarding the adjacent images 🙂

    We’re even working on Christmas Day. Let’s say tech researchers like so much technologies and more than Christmas tree 😉

    In fact, we want to complete a visual sitemap generator that will be included in the Ad Flex theme. There’re some Google sitemap but here it’s more about a visual sitemap page.

    All the best!

    Have a look at a user who uses the Ad Flex theme to display her painting. She seems to be the owner of an art gallery.

    It’s beautiful what she’s painting.

    Apparently she links to 2 other painters (certainly her friends) who also use Ad Flex and their paintings are also great 🙂

    Hello Moshu,

    >Your should also “optimize” the webpage you >linked to: make the links a different colour, so >we don’t have to ‘hunt’ for them 🙂

    OK I’ve got it. I haven’t understood earlier.

    That’s right 🙂

    I’ll change our web page. I must say we don’t do much web design for our web pages or less than for other people as usually 😉

    We’re even working on Christmas Day. Let’s say tech researchers like so much technologies and more than Christmas tree 😉

    That’s very sad as Christmas is an important time to remember why we have Christmas in the first place – because someone died on the Cross for us so that we may have life – that someone’s name is Jesus.

    While it may be optimised for search engines, it’s not very legible for humans. You repeat the same page header twice, once as a ‘<h1>’ and then straight after as a ‘<h2>’.


    Then the next two paragraphs both start with the same words, in your case “ad flex blog”. While this may be “optimise” your page for search engines, to a human it looks obviously “doctored” and just doesn’t read right. In fact the words “ad flex blog” appear more than 70 times on the page.

    Have you tried reading the content with your “human visitors” hat on, instead of the “SEO experts” hat? Personally, I find no value in this type of approach at all. It just doesn’t look natural to a human reader.

    I’m more interested in the features under development for Ad Flex 0.9. When is that coming out?

    You might want to check out these new 6 WP 2.2 and widgets compatible themes maximized for AdSense as well. 🙂

    The features include;

    # 2 columns
    # Optimized Title tags
    # WordPress Version 2.2 compatible
    # Widgets compatible
    # 3 Adsense for content ads
    # 3 AdSense link unit ads
    # 1 AdSense referal ad
    # AdSense search box

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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