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  • Hi Loyal Users,
    Apparently, there are not many of us out there.
    Anyway, I posted a question about “our” theme yesterday, but no interest.
    Here’s the question:

    I use a free Revolution theme by Brian Gardner. There is a blank clickable graphic in the header, and I want to put an affiliate ad in that graphic.

    How do I accomplish that?

    Normally, I would just ask the forum for Revolution how to do that, but Revolution doesn’t support free themes in its forum. Bummer, huh?

    Thanks for your upcoming support.
    We Will Overcome!


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  • in header.php under div class headerright find

    <a href="#"><img src="<?php bloginfo('template_url'); ?>/images/468x60.gif" alt="Featured Ad" /></a>

    and replace with your ad code.

    Thanks 4k,
    Do I insert the ad code at “Featured Ad”, or just replace The whole code with the one you gave me?
    Well, you did say,

    “and replace with your ad code.”

    But, just checking.
    Thanks again. The Revolution is coming!


    replace the whole of the code shown.

    Thanks again, 4k.

    Whoops! 4k, I hate to be a whiner, but our plan didn’t develop as intended.

    I followed your instructions like this:

    Went to dashboard and followed path Design>theme editor>header.php, then scrolled down to headerright info. Zapped the code you indicated>
    <a href="#"><img src="<?php bloginfo('template_url'); ?>/images/468x60.gif" alt="Featured Ad" /></a>

    then inserted my affiliate code (x’d out my affiliate #).

    <a href="">
    <img src="" border=0></a>
    <img src="" border=0>

    And updated file … in fact updated several times. Restarted computer.

    Nada. Nothing happened. Green rectangle clickable link is still overlayed on the logo, although it doesn’t react anymore when it’s clicked.

    What did I miss? Or is there a more serious problem here?

    Anyway, would appreciate your input again.


    tried your code on a test site and it works for me. This is what my headerright looks like

    <div class="headerright">
    		<p><a href="<?php bloginfo('rss_url'); ?>"><img 
    style="vertical-align:middle" src="<?php bloginfo('template_url'); ?
    >/images/rss.gif" alt="Subscribe to <?php bloginfo('name'); ?>" /></a><a 
    href="<?php bloginfo('rss_url'); ?>">RSS Feed</a><a href="<?php 
    bloginfo('comments_rss2_url'); ?>"><img style="vertical-
    align:middle;margin-left:10px;" src="<?php bloginfo('template_url'); ?
    >/images/rss.gif" alt="Subscribe to <?php bloginfo('name'); ?>" /></a><a 
    href="<?php bloginfo('comments_rss2_url'); ?>">Comments</a></p>
    <a href="
    <img src="" 
    <img src="
    id=xxxx&img=468x60_mouseclick.gif" border=0>

    Thank you, 4k, for your reply, and for the time you must have put in to research my problem.

    I did follow through on it, but still no change in the clickable link.

    I fear that there is something broken in my WordPress platform, but I don’t know what. I recently changed my WordPress domain to an add-on domain for another site (only one account fee). The hosting company had some slight difficulty in that change, so perhaps a file got screwed … or whatever.

    I’m going to put this blog project on the back burner for awhile until I learn more about CSS, ftp and cpanel. That knowledge, and in depth, seems to be the only way a person can make work.

    The platform is like owning an old Jaguar; it’s beautiful when it runs right, but you spend most of your time tinkering with the damn thing.

    So back to “tinkering” school.

    Truly, thanks for your efforts 4k.


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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