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    I’m afraid you may be reading the guideline incorrectly.

    This plugin is software as a service.

    The link is from the service and that is permitted in that situation.

    Plugin Author Claude


    Hi Jan,

    thank you for the answer.

    We put a lot of time and effort in developing/maintaining the plugin and our services and we try hard to help any user as good as we can. After all the hard work, 1-Star reviews really feel like a slap in the face.

    I don’t think that the 1-Star is justified in this case.




    Plugins may not embed external links or credits on the public site without explicitly asking the user’s permission.

    If they actually can embed external links, if it is a software service, then you should write that in the guidelines.



    And for the one star – you have payed service, you collect user data on your third party server, and you embed links on front-end? You deserve that slap.

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    Andrew Nevins


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    @claudeschlesser, Can you clarify the reviewer’s point about embedding external links?

    Plugin Author Claude


    Hi Andrew,

    the plugin does not embed any external links. The plugins embeds the Social Login service which is part of the OneAll Social Media Integration platform.

    The platform is developed and maintained by a good dozen of passionate and dedicated developers who do their best to offer a great service to our users.

    Giving that daily vocation and passion a 1-star, that’s the slap in the face.

    As @jdembowski already said, the plugin embeds an external SAAS service, exactly like other plugins (ie. Facebook Comments, Google Comments, Disqus …) do.

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    Moderator Jan Dembowski


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    *Drinks coffee*

    I’m going to leave this review here and open for anyone that looks but here’s the thing: you are intentionally ignoring the link I posted as a reply above.

    Which has this text. I’ve highlighted the important part.

    6. Software as a Service is permitted.

    Plugins that act as an interface to some external third party service (e.g. a video hosting site) are allowed, even for paid services. The service itself must provide functionality of substance and be clearly documented in the readme file submitted with the plugin, preferably with a link to the service’s Terms of Use.

    Services and functionality not allowed include:

    • A service that exists for the sole purpose of validating licenses or keys while all functional aspects of the plugin are included locally is not permitted.
    • Creation of a service by moving arbitrary code out of the plugin so that the service may falsely appear to provide supplemented functionality is prohibited.
    • Storefronts that are not services. A plugin that acts only as a front-end for products to be purchased from external systems will not be accepted.

    Just as with other 3rd party plugins that use other people’s servers for a service, this one does too. That makes it different.

    If a plugin is a stand alone product or code, then yes. No link without opt-in from you, the admin of your site. Any plugin that does that is violating the plugin guidelines.

    If the plugin is legitimately acting as an interface to other servers (not yours) for valid purposes then that makes it OK. Those links may be a condition of the service. That happens all the time.

    If you don’t like that condition of that service then just stop using the plugin. It’s that simple.



    I’m glad I read this post. It is not clear that this plugin is using a third-party service. I would expect this to connect directly to Facebook or any other social network. It is not obvious that this this was using a third-party service for this to work. I do not want to use a third-party service. I want to connect directly to the social network. This post prevented me from making a serious mistake. Thanks to the OP for this ticket. I stand by the 1 star rating due to it not being clear what this plugin is.

    WordPress should make SaaS solutions more obvious. This is the biggest issue with plugins today.

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    Plugin Author Claude


    Unlike other Social Login plugins, we (OneAll) monitor the APIs and technologies of the different social networks and update our service as soon as changes arise. By using OneAll you can be sure that your social media integration will always run smoothly and with the most up-to-date calls.

    This post prevented me from making a serious mistake.

    Well, maybe the mistake was NOT to use it 😉

    OneAll is by the way used by more than 300,000 websites worldwide, including small blogs, growing startups and large corporate enterprises.

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