• I was thinking of purchasing this plugin. It’s a noble idea and just what I needed. However, I downloaded, installed it and after trying to customize my form, save for some colors and adding of items, NOTHING is configurable… and there’s no warning to the user not to waste their time in trying to customize it. I made a mock order. Never got a notification, it didn’t go into my orders queue. I guess you have to buy it just to find out if it works the way you’d like too as well? Terrible user experience, terrible delivery… I’d rather go overkill and install a serious plugin like WooCommerce than trying to imagine how and if this plugin will work in the paid version. Two thumbs down man!

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  • Plugin Author Quotegenerator


    Hi Constantinvs,

    First of all I can assure you that all of the features in a free version of Quote Generator Plugin work exactly as described. Many users have Quote Generator Plugin installed and customized, everything works for them.

    You definitely should be able to customize colors, add new items and get email notification to your email box.

    I am really sorry to hear that you were unable to do it. I don’t know why but there can be many reasons that are not even related to my Plugin. For example your email provider might have not worked properly and that is why you never got email notification.
    If you need a dynamic pricing for different type of discount, fixed price adjustment, set up price with your own custom formula that Quote Generator Plugin has, you can also find these functions In Dynamic Pricing premium extension for woocommerce. If you want to sell time or date-based booking or wanting to offer appointments, services or rentals and send email notification to people who book a product like Quote Generator has, can be also found in Woocomerce Booking premium extension. You can choose these premium extensions but it will cost a lot of money with support on 1 year subscription basis.

    Let me give you an advise not to post 1 star review for those extensions like you did for my Plugin. I am sure they spend a lot of time and effort to create a products like we did. I believe that developers don’t deserve such a review just because it didn’t work for some reasons that are not related to products.

    Anyway I wish you to find solution that works best for you.
    Feel free to contact if you need any help or have any questions regarding to Quote Generator Plugin.
    To help me answer these questions as quickly as possible please provide a link to your site so I can view the issues.


Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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