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  • Hi there!

    I’m making a website for a charity non-profit organisation and of course they collect funds via their membership fees. They have a free option, a regular members and of course VIP members. Currently I’m able to use the Members Access plugin ( to do the job of just “protecting” and “separating” members from visitors. Now here is the problem;

    The free members are basically, able to chat on their forums, and post comments so he’s basically an ordinary “subscriber” of wordpress, the regular member would have access to more pages and VIP would have access to even more pages, all well and good but they want this done via the CCF plugin (, and here I’m stuck. Basically what they want is a dropdown menu, the member picks his/hers membership and then is of course notified at the top bar to either pay and where and if he already did (they will confirm this by hand for each member), how long the membership lasts and till when.

    It all sounds a bit complicate I know but it’s for a good cause and I would really like to get this done, so any ideas is there a plugin that will at least remotely let me get this done (can be without CCF the registration can take place on the wordpress register page on the website as well)?

    P.S. With every membership that is payable they also want to have a paypal or a normal bank money transfer option so paypal would have to be embedded here as well.

    thank you in advance for reading this long post and replying as well of course ;).


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