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  • Hi,
    i use a freehoster(a) and bought a domain on an other hoster(b) which refers to freehoster a. The problem is, hoster b refers to the real site inside an iframe. But i don’t want this and can’t disable it at hoster b. How can i free my site from the iframe, after the hoster refered to me. I know, that the real address will appear in the adressbar, but that’s no problem. Thanks for helping!

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    what does this have to do with wordpress?

    Simple answer:
    I’ve got only WordPress on my server and I don’t know in which file I should put the right code (to solve my problem maybe everywhere but also in WordPress)

    Don’t use a free web host. Framing, ads, and other restrictions just come with free web hosting. Regular web hosting is not very expensive anyway.

    You don’t understand the problem.
    The normal (not the free one!) refers me to the freehoster but just inside a iframe! If i go directly to the free one there is no iframe.
    I just want to come outside the iframe when the hoster (paid) refers me through.

    Use a 301 redirect in your .htaccess on the normal web host instead of relying on whatever redirect system they have set up. if you Google 301 redirect, you can find directions for doing this.

    1. You bought a domain name from a webhost service (b)
    2. You are using a free hosting service (a) where you uploaded your WordPress install
    3. You pointed your paid domain name (b) to DNS of your free hosting service (a)
    4. Your site is in an iframe – is caused by freehosting (a) – that’s usually the prerogative of for free hosting they are providing you. Did you read the terms and conditions of their free service?
    5. If you’re not cool with your site in an iframe, then either host it in your own server or buy webhosting serve.
    Let me know which of the above statements are incorrect.

    Statement 4 is wrong. The iFrame isn’t caused because of freehosting. The webhost service with the domain just pulls me into an ifram forward to the “real” page – being on the server of the freehoster.
    If I go to the direct – but cryptic – address of the freehoster, there is no iframe.

    I have to add, that it’s impossible to change anything on the site of domain forwarder.

    The webhost service with the domain just pulls me into an ifram forward to the “real” page – being on the server of the freehoster.

    What is your site URL? Who did you register or buy your domain name from? Because if what you say is true, that’s unethical and border illegal. Frankly, this is the first time I’ve heard of a domain registrar containing a site in an iframe because it is more likely done in the freewebhosting service. What is the name of your free webhosting service?

    Freehoster: Funpic
    Domainhoster: Strato

    Funpic inserts big, awful ads that will annoy your visitors, and if Strato is framing your content, then contact them about it or find a new domain registrar.

    If your Domainhoster Strato is the one based in Germany, they are respected domain name registrars and will not place your site in an iframe. The culprit indeed is your freehoster. If you do not want iframes over your site, purchase webhost service or install in your computer if “you have a sufficiently powerful home computer and a sufficiently fast broadband connection, you may want to avoid certain hosting charges by using your own computer as a server.”

    Okay, I’ve solved my problem.
    And believe me, Strato forwards into an iFrame.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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