• The ‘free’ version of this plugin only lets you use icons that look so old, you just can’t use them in 2017 – and the developers know it. To use modern icons or even your own CSS, you have to pay. Therefore I believe that the description of ‘free’ is deliberately misleading.

    I actually did check their documentation at https://docs.oneall.com/plugins/guide/social-login-wordpress/ before installing to ensure it would be possible to get it to look the way I wanted. The documentation clearly gives instructions for using your own CSS however it DOES NOT state clearly that this will only work for paid accounts.

    In fairness, the plugin does appear to function well. So, if this was described (accurately) as a Premium/Paid plugin, I’d be giving it 5 stars. However, this is a common grayhat marketing tactic that should be kept off the WP plugin repository.

    On the plugin page they conveniently don’t mention they have subscription tiers or the functionality that is limited to paid accounts. Furthermore, during the setup wizard, you must sign up sign up for a ‘Free Account’. Any link to ‘pricing’ or ‘plans’ or such like is notable by its absence. You only realise that payment is necessary after you sign up and have lost 2 hours of set up time.

    In summary – don’t download this or waste time setting it up if you want a free solution that doesn’t look terrible. If you’re OK with $10 or $18 a month it appears to be a very good solution.

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    Upon further research, I have found this social login alternative which is also the Freemium model. However, compare the repository listing with this one: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-facebook-login/ and the Oneall listing.

    Damian’s listing says exactly what his free version does, and what it doesn’t do. The fact there is a premium version is crystal clear and you know this from the get-go. This is how WP repository listings should be.

    Oneall could really learn a lot here and be far more open and clear about what their offering is.

    Plugin Author Claude


    Hi David,

    the reviews meant to be left here are for the plugin itself. So I don’t think that the 1 Star review is justified. You clearly said “In fairness, the plugin does appear to function well.”

    For the CSS, there is a mention in the documentation:

    The icons that you get are exactly the icons that are visible in the plugin screenshots, before installing the plugin. So there is no really surprise her. And most users in fact really like them!

    There is absolutely no need to pay anything if our free plan suits you, and it has far more features – all free – than any other Social Login plugin in the repository.

    Claude – he left a review on the plugin itself! you are misleading to make money so dont try to silence people when they call you on it.

    The plugins in the WordPress repo are supposed to by created by the community for the community. There are other places to publish a product.

    +1 here. False advertising and misleading claims should be abolished from the WP list. I might well be interested in the premium version. I might not. It is bad form to force someone to spend the time and energy to install and use it, and only then find out they have to be in a subscription plan. VERY BAD form.

    I detest that sort of thing, so I’m adding this note. Also, my appreciation to David313 for posting his comment.

    +1 here as well. I was not pleased to be mislead and subsequently have my time wasted.

    Plugin Author Claude



    I’m sorry, but I beg to differ. The free is not misleading, as there is absolutely no payment required to use the plugin.

    We have also taken into consideration the feedback and added modern-looking icons. We have also updated our homepage to make it perfectly clear that no paid plan is required.

    The plugin has a great number of features and none of them requires a payment.

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