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  • Sorry

    But that plugin is worthless for people who like to get things done in a professional manner. All options which would be helpful are only existing in the premium version and that is only one more WP_RipOff Pricing Scheme for a GNU GPL plugin which it has to be.

    We don’t know the premium version – how it is coded as other than Automattic who publish all their code that here is hidden too and as it seems the premium version is not the same plugin like the free version as you have to download a completely new plugin as we read here.

    It would be really great if people with premium versions get banned from that repository if they not publish the complete premium version here too and only charge for their support.

    I doubt that the Premium version is GDPR compliant as it will constantly link back to their server for license checks probably which makes it useless to be installed in EU citizen sites or in sites which give access to EU citizens (more or less all public website). Sad that a good idea ends up in such a scheme. Hopefully, some devs will publish a fully functional version which could benefit all here and if that even would be with access to a git repository all could help to contribute and make it even much better.

    Then also comments like that here no premium support can be given and that people should connect privately etc. would be no more necessary! Thanks!

    That would be the true GNU GPL spirit. Inspire to share!

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