• ski3r


    Maby it’s to much to ask for but I’m looking for a site that offers free hosting and where I can use WP. Does anyone know if there are any?

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  • ski3r


    thnx! But I would like to upload my current database and a couple more pages. I don’t think it’s possible with http://www.wordpressblogs.com..



    I don’t think that service is public, even, Kafkaesque..give them some time to set things up before publicising it 🙂
    ski3r, so why do you want the service to be free? Convince me, and I’ll spare you some space on my server.
    mail at carthik dot net



    1. I hardly consider my non-endorsement much in the way of publicity, but point taken.
    2. Kafkaesque?



    I am sorry for the typo, Kafkaesqui 🙂
    Once posted online, things tend to get picked up, and they propagate virally, more often than not. I tried emailing their legal contact email address, as well as a few default email addresses, only to get mailer daemons…



    I am more than willing to take you on for free.
    with numerous subdomains:
    and yes its free just not public yet.



    If you wish send me a mail and I will get you set up on either:
    (www.wordpressblogs.com is just a testing ground at the moment)
    roger dot galligan at browseireland dot com
    …at no cost

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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