• I am looking into free hosting to get started. I have two domains (can set up on 2 separate accounts) and want wordpress on both. I am currently looking at a few companies that have been around a while; x10hosting, 000webhost, and lastly 5GBfree. I believe all three have no adds and they all have cpanel and at least 1 mysql database. I am wondering if anyone has an experience with any of them? I’m looking for uptime and any other issues. Does anyone have any other suggestions besides them?

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    We really don’t recommend free hosting – you usually get what you pay for :). If you want free hosting, WordPress.COM might be the best choice – though it’s more limited in what you can do.

    These are the official hosting recommendations – http://wordpress.org/hosting/

    And per forums rules, we have to close threads on this topic as they attract too much spam – sorry.

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